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10 years? You've got to be kidding me!

10 years goes by pretty quick I've come to realise. I started working in this business when my daughter was a few months old, she's now ready to go into grade 6!

Adam D 11 November 2013

Nah, I'm serious.

10 years goes by pretty quick I've come to realise. I started working in this business when my daughter was a few months old, she's now ready to go into grade 6! For her, running Salsa is all I've ever done. We were called "Webolutionary" back then until we came across someone that had registered a similar trademark, so renamed to "Salsa Internet" - for no particular reason other than we'd had some wine at the time, and it sounded like a good idea. We've since changed to Salsa Digital.

Salsa is now a team of 30-odd people (30 "something" people, not 30 "odd" people, although the latter is also true), from a dozen different countries including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Tasmania (love ya Paul), India, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Ireland, Italy, Pakistan, Indonesia & Canada!

A couple of years ago, we went through some tough times (really tough).  I doubted we'd pull through to be honest. We landed on our back, innovated, re-invented ourselves, and came out stronger.

We've never stopped changing. I used to wait for the day when I'd say "OK, we're grounded and ready to have a few 'normal' years of trading". But in this game if you're not changing, you're dying. Things change really, really fast.

For example, this past year the business has split in half - we do Enterprise work on one side (large custom builds), and traditional digital (if that's such a thing) on the other. We've removed some services from our folio that are over-commoditised, and added a couple of disruptive technologies such as Amazon Web Services, in which we see a strong future.

My two business partners Alfred Deeb and Phil Baddock are two of the best men you’ll meet. They’re hard working men of principle and I’m blessed to have them on my side. I met Alfred at University - we worked (well he worked, I partied), through University together, got our first real job together, and then started Salsa together. This ridiculously hard worker sets the pace at Salsa. We met Phil as a customer when we were graduates in our first job. Phil was the formidable client on the other side of the desk at Pacific Access. We’re sure glad to have him on our team now. Thanks fellas for offering me the opportunity to start Salsa together ... that's right, this thing was their idea, I just happened to be out of a job at the time! If you want to learn how to become a better IT professional, a better person, or better at moonwalking, hang around them.

We're always asking of ourselves: How can we improve? What does the industry need? We have a remarkable team that is able to answer these questions accurately time and time again.

For us however, the bottom line is the people - Our Team and Our Clients. We do all of this because we love people. We love hiring good people because it touches their lives and we make new friends. These Salsarians then love helping our customers’ businesses innovate and prosper. We really make a difference ... and we all know, good business improves a whole bunch of other lives.

Here's to the next 10.

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