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Another year gone by at Salsa HQ

2012 has been the most stressful, fun, exciting, successful & all round manic year of Salsa's short life so far!

Adam D 20 December 2012

2012 has been the most stressful, fun, exciting, successful & all round manic year of Salsa's short life so far!

To give you an idea, here is a quick summary of Salsa's 10th year:

  • January - the Salsa team got over the Christmas hang over before embarking on what was to become a massive, MASSIVE year for Salsa. We had a quiet start but things got busy with the launch of a new site for the Victoria Government Solicitors Office in Drupal - ;Check it out here.
  • February - we were well under way on the development of the new site for the Inner Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local (IEMML) which was launched with huge success later in the year. Since then, we have been lucky enough to commence work more recently with a couple other branches of Medicare Local - much thanks to Som & Jo for recommending us!
  • March welcomed Tom Peterson to the team - the bearded B.A. from Geelong. Hairy on the outside, but soft in the middle.
  • Moving into April we welcomed back Lyndon Hook - an Ex-Salsa employee that tried the other side, but came back to the Salsa goodness (thankfully!). We also met young Maruf from the design team, who has recently joined as a permanent team member!
  • May brought us the commencement of a flurry of new sites going live for Salsa over the following months, including;,,,, just to name a few.
  • July - a month of mixed emotions... we were saddened by the news that our Office Manager Emily was leaving, but excited to have met Laura to replace her! Yay! We also met the Mexican Marvel during this time - Pablo joined the team as a senior B.A. (We thought it was about time we hired a Mexican given our name!)
  • August flagged the start of something huge for Salsa - we were lucky enough to find a bunch of brilliant new team members to assist with growing project demands, including Shawn, Shefali, Michael, Alexis, Jon, Emily T, and we even managed to rope Duellsy back in on a short term contract! In addition to this maddness we also hosted our 9th birthday party in style - with a memorable night of celebrations at the Panama Dining Hall in Smith St (although Chris G may not remember it)
  • In September we put our new team into action, starting a big new project - and it's been frantic ever since!
    We also launched a new site for a very good cause, please have a look at
  • October brought more new recruits including Maria in the BA/QA team, and bit of a calm before the storm that is Christmas.
  • In November we met Tom (K), our new iPhone guru who has helped us immensely with our iPhone dev projects we have on the go. November also brought some great new projects to help us through the otherwise quiet festive season (no holidays for Salsa!!). Ex-Salsarian Nathan P also paid us a visit from NZ along side our bestest most favourite employee ever - Sammy B - to re-live the good old times at the Napier for a beer & parma. November also saw the arrival of a new Mini-Salsarian - Melinda had a bouncing baby boy Thomas (future Salsa designer).
  • December, while typically a wind down month in our industry, has been busy as ever - the Salsa team is working through the Christmas period on some exciting new projects. Perhaps even a new Salsa website - stay tuned for that one!

A special mention is due for my 3 partners in crime: Paul Morriss, the work horse that keeps the Salsa engine churning & honest; Phil Baddock, for continuing to hook the big fish; and Alfred Deeb, for steadying the ship... er, speed boat.

Now here's to another great year ahead! Thank you to all of our loyal clients and the support we have had throughout the year.

We wish you all a very safe and happy festive season with your friends and family.

Adam DeGiorgio.

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