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Beacon technology working - for real

How do we know they work, and why aren't more businesses using them?

Adam D 18 August 2014

I've been telling all my friends about the wonders of Beacons - however am regularly met with the objection that they've never heard of them, or see anyone using them in a production environment. "How do we know they work, and why aren't more businesses using them?" Scott and his team at Art Processors have deployed a very successful Beacon powered tour guide at MONA (Museum of Old and New Art for the uninitiated), as one example of this spectacular technology being used in Australia.

At Salsa, we're piloting Beacon technology for a number of customers - all of which have been successful pilots to date, and we're progressing to production. On a larger scale, big brands in the US are deploying Beacons into their retail stores. This article claims "the beacons worked perfectly, from a technological standpoint". These guys sold more sausages using Beacons, and it's also being reported now that over 50% of large US retailers are trialling Beacons this year.

In my mind however, the biggest problems Beacons can solve are in the B2B world. Businesses have a myriad of problems that can be solved by using Beacon technology. Beacons allow you to identify a person or object in a place with excellent accuracy, communicate with that person or device, capture and/or process information based on that location and anything else your application might know about the situation. If a business depends on capturing information based on a person, object or activity in a certain place and time, Beacons could be the best thing since the proverbial sliced bread.

Read about some fantastic examples of iBeacons being used to solve real business problems. Beacons. Are. Coming ...

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