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Confused about LinkedIn business pages? Here’s the lowdown in easy 5 steps

How do you get your company out there to all of those 200 million LinkedIn users? To get you going we have summarised the process in five simple steps.

Jacinta Y 7 October 2013

For a while now the latest social media buzzword has been LinkedIn. Is it the Facebook for business? Perhaps. It's all about networking and sharing interesting and valuable content, but - with a business slant. So how do you get your company out there to all of those 200 million LinkedIn users? To get you going we have summarised the process in five simple steps:

  1. Get out there:

    Develop your company page by using rich descriptive language to help readers understand who you are and what you do. Make sure to add service or product specialties as this could earn you twice as many followers! This is also a great way to get free SEO, so always keep in mind to add keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry. For an example take a look at ours. Also, if you are feeling creative you can use photos and video to really spice up your page and make it stand out.

  2. Seek followers:

    Now you are out there you want to cultivate relationships and the best way to do this is to encourage your own staff to interact and use links to your page. The next really vital step is to join Groups that are related to your business or customer targets and get involved in discussions. There are plenty of people on LinkedIn actually looking for services you probably provide in these groups, so don't be afraid to interact and reach out to them.

  3. Engage them:

    Post updates regularly. If you can post daily great, if not try for 2-3 times per week and ensure the content is engaging, honest and informative, you need to create value for your followers. Try to aim to post something they would want to share. Linking to great content from other sources or sharing links is a great way to keep valuable content flowing and remember to always be focused on your audience, and always ensure you deliver value - don't bother posting content just for the hell of it - you’ll lose followers and credibility.

  4. Start networking:

    How to spread the word? Make sure what you are posting or commenting is interesting. One way to do this is by using videos which have a good success rate for sharing, as do ‘best of lists’. It is also beneficial to get your customers and connections to write reviews and participate with followers if they comment on your links.

  5. Review and improve:

    Take advantage of LinkedIn analytics to measure your performance. LinkedIn have introduced some great analytical tools so you can easily find out which posts achieved higher reach and engagement, who your followers are and also who are your competitors, you can then incorporate this information into your planning. If you are serious about your campaign try to set goals and targets to ensure you are getting the most value from your time investment and that you are reaching the right audience.



Adapted from Linkedin’s Relationships that drive results 2298078/0/filename/LinkedInCompanyPages.pdf

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