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How to win with mobile

I love it when you Google and stumble across a little piece of gold. Just changing one or two words in a search query can dig up hidden treasures like what I just found today.

Jacinta Y 28 May 2014

I love it when you Google and stumble across a little piece of gold. Just changing one or two words in a search query can dig up hidden treasures like what I just found today.

The Mobile Playbook The book was developed after hundreds of conversations Google had with businesses on, not why to invest in mobile, but how to invest in mobile. Businesses know they need to do it but in what way? Ask Google, the thought leaders that we (mostly) trust, not only because they wield so much power in the online space but because of their passion to be innovators and to embrace and provoke change and try to make our lives easier. In The Mobile Playbook they share their wisdom about the world of mobile and why, if you run a business, you need to be in it. Directed towards an audience of ‘busy Executives’ who want to ‘win with mobile’, it’s a characteristically stylish and smooth, interactive presentation but, it’s kind of hard to navigate through the menu, wait for it to load and find what you want. Also it’s not downloadable and you can’t print it. Therefore, I’ve taken out some of the most valuable content you need to consider when contemplating or refining your mobile strategy.

The facts

  • Smartphone adoption is almost doubling every two years
  • Mobile allows your business to connect with your consumers 24/7
  • Mobile has made it possible for users to get location-specific information on the go and thus has increased user expectations
  • Giving customers access to real time-information is crucial
  • 3 out of 10 mobile searches result in valuable business outcomes (purchase, visiting a store or calling)

Google's tips on how to develop your mobile strategy and create the most value for you and your customers:

  1. Tailor your content. Try not to just take content from your desktop and make it fit to mobile, think about your customer needs and rework it
  2. Analyze your current traffic to get an understanding about your customers and the types of content they are consuming on mobile, what pages do they visit most?
  3. Adapt your value proposition and content to relate to these customer needs as you defined in your analysis above. Streamline your presence to fit this model
  4. If you are an eCommerce retailer, the ‘Showrooming’ phenomenon should not be feared. There are many effective strategies to use this as an opportunity, but your approach should be multi-faceted. Engaging with the customer such as rewarding the in-store shopper by using an add-on like iBeacon is a fantastic way to implement this
  5. Having an App is not the same as having a mobile strategy - if you need to prioritize - create a mobile-optimised website. If you have the budget and the audience, create an App as well
  6. Research. Look at not only what your competitors are doing but also other examples of great mobile sites (see a list at the end of this article)
  7. Decide which method of implementation to use: Responsive (a website that scales to fit the device you are viewing it on); a unique mobile site, or a customized mobile site that runs from your website URL - detected when you browse on mobile and automatically directs you to the mobile site
  8. Don’t forget analytics and SEO. These are critical. Monitor, test and optimise on a regular basis
  9. Assign a ‘Mobile Champion’ to manage your site and promotions. Depending on your organization this could be part of someone’s role or a whole team. Because of its multi-channel sales ability, this is a key role
  10. Using creative authoring tools it is possible to create extremely memorable unique and immersive brand experiences using touch, animation, video , social and location, if you have budget, utilise these tools to make you stand out from your competition rather than going for a template solution
  11. Multi-screen branding campaigns are hot - maximize the impact of your campaign using multiple screens. Out of the 84% of multi-screen experiences most of them start with a smartphone. Check out Deltas brilliant campaign that made them go from last on Wall St Journal airline rankings to the top

So who’s doing it right? Below are some examples of WOW or pretty damn simple, but well done, mobile and responsive sites to check out - on your mobile of course. Some inspiring and impressive work. So what's five things you'll find in common on all nearly those sites?

  1. Very simplified navigation
  2. Quick to load images
  3. Streamlined text
  4. Large ‘touch’ targets for easy clicking
  5. Limited need for scrolling, typing or swiping

We realise that not everyone has the budget, or time, to create a super-styled, knock’em out of the park, Gucci-type mobile site, but there really are solutions for every budget. Ask your Digital Agency, they are there to guide you and give you advice on how to make the best investment in your future growth and create a friendly, effortless and beautiful mobile experience for your customers.


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