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Interview with Salsa veterans Stephen & Sonny

In our industry, having talented staff stay with one company for the long haul isn't easy. Stephen & Sonny recently celebrated 3 years at Salsa - a milestone we really appreciate.

Con F 27 January 2015

Con interviewed Stephen and Sonny to mark their 3 year anniversary. Here are some excerpts from that interview, the rest of the content is, um, classified.


Con: What’s your fondness memory here at Salsa for the past 3 years?

Stephen: I kinda like the beer drinking nights... and the Christmas parties. I like the social events, they are the best times.. .remember when we were doing piñata and Ivan smashed it and we all got hit… that was amazingly funny.

Con: What do you like most about working here at Salsa?

Stephen: The fridge, breakfast … the people… I really mean the people… it’s definitely the people. I also recall the big sense of relief after delivering my first large challenging project which had a ridiculously tight timeline.


Con: So Sonny, what was the most personally rewarding or fun project that you’ve worked on?

Sonny: I think it was the [confidential] project, the iPhone, that was my very first iPhone application  

Con: Yeah getting it out in the field and working for the first time!

Sonny: Yep

Con: Well done. Using your creativity and skill.  What’s your fondness memory, of your time here at Salsa, not necessarily project related?

Sonny: I think it was the time that I won the Champion of the Year. This was my first year at Salsa, I got the votes

Audience: That was impressive

Con: Yeah… must have been… after one year, a new boy coming in.  What do you like most about working at Salsa?

Sonny: Well… Beside the people, love the drinks fridge and the coffee machine

Con: Coffee machine… yes… pamper yourself with the coffee. Alright, thank you, guys.


Stephen is a unique, fun and much-loved Project Manager/Business Analyst, and Sonny is a talented Software Engineer with a passion for coffee art and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

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