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Why it's not just the technology that's important in this business.

Adam D 14 May 2014

About 6 months ago, one of my staff members came to my desk on a Monday morning and, quite proudly, announced “Ad, just thought I’d let you know that this weekend I bought a house”.  He figured that given I’d helped facilitate in some small way his acquiring his very first home, that I’d like to know about it.  And he was overwhelmingly right.

Then, the other day I was asked a question while interviewing a potential new staff member, “What technology are you now passionate about”?  I was surprised to hear my answer.

“The technology doesn’t really inspire me the way it used to”, was my response.  He was as shocked as I was to hear these words, given my role here at Salsa.  But I was being honest.  Sure, there are some incredibly powerful ideas coming to market and there always will be.  But for me, the reason I’m still here almost 11 years later, isn’t only the technology.

Of course I’m passionate about helping solve our customers problems - it’s clearly what makes our business succeed.  But for me, there is something more.  We’ve hired 94 people in 11 years.  While we might not be breaking any records, I’d like to think most of these people have fond memories of Salsa.  I’ve made some very close friends from this circle, and there have been various other very strong relationships forged between people working at Salsa now and in the past.  We’ve touched the lives of hundreds of people and their families in some way, and that’s not something everyone can write on their resume.

Being in an industry such as I.T that is constantly changing and evolving is exciting, but running your own company always comes with it’s trials and tribulations. At the end of the day however, being able to improve the lives of people by giving them jobs they enjoy, watching them start a family, buy a home, travel the world - and inevitably move onto bigger and better things - makes it every bit worthwhile.

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