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One minute with Alexis

Welcome to the first instalment of our "One minute with..." feature.

salsa 28 March 2013

Welcome to the first instalment of our "One minute with..." feature.

To kick things off, we are starting with hard-working Alexis, one of our creative Developers.

How do you think of yourself/your job?

I think I'm lucky to be in a choice company building cool websites, though it can get really challenging I think that's actually have the attraction. People here seem to think it’s funny I own a collection crazy of t-shirts. I tend to think they're lucky I'm wear any shirt at all and I wonder why they haven't also got a collection of T's after stopping by

What does your daily job involve?

My daily routine generally involves being more "awesomer". Making fun of Jon our BA. Trying to pick the brain of Ningning (a technical lead here at Salsa) it's fun asking him questions about composite MySQL index's and seeing how long I can follow the conversation for (personal best time yet was 42 seconds). And in-between all that, doing a little work.

What are your biggest challenges / challenge as a developer at Salsa?

The coffee machine. Seems to work for me about 50% of the time, other times it dribbles water out of the portafilter, reducing pressure, resulting in a poor crema on my coffee. And on occasion the pressure will build up so when I release the porta filter coffee grinds will jump out at me, this makes me sad. And this one time the pressure in the steamer "waffle waffle blah blah"...

If you had one free hack day to do ANYTHING you want (as a developer) what would you do?

Build a html, css, js complier to minify Silver Stripe templates before the cache is created. This would probably take more like a week to complete, but would be an awesome tool to automatically reduce page load on sites. We don't use Silver Stripe here so I would possibly opt in to sculpt a Hello Kitty doll to sit in reception.

Where do you think web development is heading or what would you like to see Australia do more of?

Ummm heaps? The web seems to have been moving in multiple directions for a while. From cloud based application development, high-end media sites and rich interactive games. Technologies like Hadoop will be on the rise with the need to accommodate and process more data, one of the buzz words for 2012 was "Big Data". A handful of Australian companies have started to adopt Hadoop practices. Personally though I would like to see more traditional goodness. Solid designs, focused on promoting content, with harmonious UI, all built to modern standards. “Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.” Charles Mingus

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