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One Minute with Emily

Compulsive organiser. Spreadsheets are my spirit animal. The words "line item" and "status" are music to my ears.

salsa 10 April 2013

How do you think of yourself/your job?

Compulsive organiser. Spreadsheets are my spirit animal. The words "line item" and "status" are music to my ears. Just as long as they don't involve more than basic maths - then it's like navigating my way through a vat of custard with just a solar-powered headlamp to guide my way. Spreadsheets and me - it's a love/confusion relationship.

What does your daily job involve?

SPREADSHEETS! Ahem. First of all is turning over to today's I Can Haz Cheezburger page on my desk calendar. Then cup of tea to fortify myself for email catch up and constructing the day's to-do list. The rest is a highly organised blur of talking to people on the phone, pestering developers and designers in the office, thumb wrestling Steve for resources (not to mention the best new projects), and updating spreadsheets. Occasionally I'll take breaks to water the office plants, eat lunch on Gertrude Street, and tease Laura about her office music choices.

What are your biggest challenges / challenge as a Project Manager at Salsa?

Sometimes I wish I could 'just fix' issues that are making my clients anxious. Balancing out everyone's needs amidst the well-oiled cogs of our development team machine can be difficult at times, but balancing acts are all part of the daily life of... duh-dahhh! a project manager. *strikes pose*.
(The other challenge is that I am the only soy milk drinker in the office, and have only about half a teaspoon's worth in each cup of tea... so the carton inevitably goes off before I finish it. It's a hard life!)

If you had one free hack day to do ANYTHING you want what would you do?

In my previous life (read: job) I was a front-end developer and sort-of designer as well as a PM. On a free hack day I would probably make nicer CSS skins for my favourite open source web projects. (Mainly for selfish reasons: so I enjoyed spending time using them a lot more.)

Where do you think web development is heading or what would you like to see Australia do more of?

I would love to see more beautifully designed mobile apps that uses local data in Australia - for example, a well-designed weather app that uses the BOM API, more fleshed-out "shops/cafes/etc near you" apps, even local public transport apps that are easy to use - that sort of thing. And I don't mean just one - I mean a range of apps with different looks and features I could choose from. The USA seem to be doing amazing things with their local data, I'm full of envy (and hoping that's where Australian development is heading!).

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