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Social Media Madness

As 2012 has drawn to an end and 2013 is here, the time has come to reflect on the year that has been in the world of Social Media.

laura 27 December 2012

As 2012 has drawn to an end and 2013 is here, the time has come to reflect on the year that has been in the world of Social Media. And for those of you who are immersed in staying connected whether it be through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Path, Klout, LinkedIn, MySpace, Spotify, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Flikr, FourSquare (and that’s just me going through my iPhone apps), hopefully this post makes you laugh or think about how things have changed since you grew up with the old brick phones and socialising in real-life rather than on line.

To give you a little background, I am Gen Y and Female. This means I grew up in the 90’s staying up past my bedtime talking on the home phone, dialling up on my 56K modem, chatting to friends in MIRC, ICQ and MSN asking the questions A/S/L? to strangers, until my parents would yell at me to get off the computer and let my sister have a go. Networking meant going out and talking to people in Real Life, hanging out and speaking.

Nowadays, all I need is my smart phone, a few hash tags and followers and I won’t miss a thing! And by thing, I mean that important post about where the #TacoTruck will be located for dinner, or the witty comment about elections, or what pose my friends cute cat is currently doing or what hash tag is currently trending so my hipster soul knows where I should be. This of course is all very important information, which if I choose not to participate in, will lead my Klout score to drop below 50, meaning I won’t be known as influential as hoped.

As a little insight into the madness of social media, this year alone;


relaunched itself to the world with heartthrob Justin Timberlake backing it – combining everyone’s favourite elements of online media with the hopes of taking over the world again.


changed its rules and privacy settings a million times, introduced cover photos and the timeline, bought out instagram and generally made me hate it even more than before, yet I still remain addicted to posting my thoughts and wondering what all of my “friends” are doing.


introduced it’s online profiles, because… well I am not actually sure why we needed that – turning it into yet another handy tool for online stalking.


also took a turn (also a step closer to facebook) and has allowed users to tailor and customise their profiles so that they look more like websites, with a stylish little banner behind your profile pic, as well as opening up the conversations more by allowing you to click on a post and read responses, I could continue, but I don’t want to bore you with the details you either already know, or will simply continue to grow with (unknowingly).

I guess in summary, the truth is social media is forever evolving, it's actually totes cray cray, my best advice in keeping up (if you want to) is to click on #hashtags, speak with @ in front of the person you are speaking to, download every app and connect your accounts in klout to see where you are at. And if you want to be an influencer and not just a listener, add more cat pictures to your profile.

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