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Viva Le Smartphone Revolution!

With a 104% increase in smartphone use in the last 12 months since May last year, there is now a whopping 8.5 million adult smartphone users in the world and 4.37 million adults using tablet devices!

laura 10 May 2013

With a 104% increase in smartphone use in the last 12 months since May last year, there is now a whopping 8.5 million adult smartphone users in the world and 4.37 million adults using tablet devices! It’s no wonder, which way you turn you will see people with their heads down, fingers tapping and headphones in. Stats even show that users spend a ridiculous 100 minutes a day using their mobile devices to go online.

Seeing as our smartphones are the device users have in their hands ALL of the time, it’s the best way for you as a business owner to engage your brand with your target audience. Consumers are using their downtime to surf the Internet and read about what you as one of their favourite brands are doing. This is really something any business should be making the most of, and if that’s not enough convincing, here are a few ideas on how you can be a part of the mobile revolution!

Email Marketing

Get your e-newsletters mobile friendly! Think about it, I bet you are one of the 42% of people who opened an e-marketing newsletter through your mail app on your mobile device, or one of the 23% who opened it with your iPhone or one of the 11% on your iPad or 9% on your android. It should come as no surprise that you need to make sure your newsletters look just as beautiful through a mobile device as they do on your computer screen.

Make life easier for your customer

Some businesses may think they need a mobile site as well as an app to own a bit of people’s ‘real estate’ on their phones. By having both you would definitely own some space/land in their phones but there is no longevity in doing that and if your app has no purpose, it will soon be forgotten!  When you are deciding whether to build an app, you need to offer your customers one with a purpose that gives them a utility and an additional way for you to interact with them on a daily basis. Great examples of this kind of app would be the big 4 banks and how their apps make life easier for consumers! Log into your bank accounts, transfer funds and see balances in a quick and easy way!

Rich Media and Advertising

Think outside the square – smartphones are equipped with sensors and tools such as cameras, accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones and speakers – giving you the ability to create an interactive advertising campaign where you can ask users to shake or record sound and image – rather than brand building, mobile ads can have one direct call to action, which is app downloading!

Think about video

Video is arguably one of the best forms of content you can have for a mobile device. Reading on a mobile device is not the easiest thing to do, so having video content is a great way to get your information to a customer in a quick, easy and beautiful looking way.

Check your stats

You may be surprised to see how many people are actually viewing your existing site from a mobile device! You can see how many visits your website receives through a mobile device via Google Analytics which is set up so you can see exactly how many people browse on a mobile device and their behaviour whilst on your site. Stats show that typically from 30-50% of website visitors come in via a mobile device in Australia!

Having a mobile device means that you can access information from anywhere, sitting on the train, on the tram, waiting for a bus, in a cafe.. you get the idea. For businesses, this means that you can engage with customers no matter where they are or what they are doing. Stats show that your clients are more likely to engage with your business if you have a mobile friendly site compared to rates of engagement with a non-mobile friendly site. We suggest you have a look into your website's Analytics and compare the bounce rate of visitors from a mobile device to those from a web browser!

The opportunities and ideas for turning your business into a mobile friendly one are endless, and the statistics and figures are growing steadily each day.

Smartphones are now something we cannot live without so it’s time to get mobile friendly and join the revolution!

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