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Connecting the Digital and the Physical world like never before

iBeacon is changing the way we interact with physical spaces, using digital technology.  This is not only about transforming retail experiences... this can change everything.

Adam D 24 September 2014
What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is Apple's implementation of Beacon technology.

A common application is as an indoor positioning system which transmits a universally unique identifier (UUID), using Bluetooth LE (LE = Low Energy). This relates to its low power consumption, which provides two major benefits - extended battery life and low cost.

The BLE signal communicates between two devices — a “beacon” — and another device, usually a smartphone. The actual beacons come in all shapes and sizes but are typically small, coin-cell powered devices, although your smartphone or tablet can also be a beacon which can be used to draw in data from users devices.

How does it work?

Most beacons have a range of approximately 50m and are micro-location aware, meaning they can pinpoint a signal precisely. If a user has downloaded the App (which could be Apple or Android), the iBeacon will determine when the user enters or exits a particular beacons proximity, then location sensitive actions can be pushed to their device via push messages.

These messages could range from, from specific in-store promotions, delivering users information about the products that they are browsing; to targeted advertisements for additional and potentially competing products; to specific deals or specials. The technology is also capable of being utilised as a mobile payment system that will allow customers to pay for goods via their smartphone, in-store.

What can it be used for?

The opportunities for this micro-location based marketing are exciting and endless. In retail stores it could range from exclusive member discounts to personalised promotions based on a customer's shopping history and preferences and also in-store navigation; at Museums iBeacon can welcome the visitor and tell them - in their own language - where to find a painting and be their virtual tour guide; at a Stadium patrons can be guided to their seat and on the way receive an offers at the snack bar or promotional stores; at Exhibitions iBeacon can direct visitors to different stands, make them aware of presentations and the conference schedule; it can act as a Concierge - in a Hotel or Restaurant, if you need help or information you become the beacon and people come to you to assist. The iBeacon will make everyday experiences easier by simplifying and streamlining so many facets of our lives.

How you can make it happen?

iBeacon technology is groundbreaking and is going to forever change the landscape of App user experiences and ultimately peoples lives. Call Salsa Digital today to find out how you can leap into micro-location based marketing and give your customers an informative, personalised and fun experience. At Salsa we can tailor informative, relevant and exciting, personalised interactions with your customers to enhance their journey with you and keep them returning to you time and time again.

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