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Writing a brief for your App idea – where to start?

How do you go about taking your great idea to the next step?

Jacinta Y 18 March 2014

App development continues to generate buzz in the tech world and the opportunities seem only limited to your imagination. Added to that, stats show that business is booming and figures such as overall mobile app usage growing by 115 percent in 2013*, signifies a healthy market for the near future.

So how do you go about taking your great idea to the next step? As with any tech project, you should develop as detailed a brief as you can possibly come up with. The below information should help to get you started in the first part of the process before you approach a developer or agency with your idea.

To begin, write a short summary about the key purpose and function of the App.

  1. What is the main purpose of the App, and what problem is your App solving?
  2. Who is it aimed at and how will they use it?
  3. List all of the core functionality
  4. What is the business model supporting your App?

The summary should define a solution and the core functionality.

When you have established these essential factors into a concise summary, you can then list in more detail the features you envisage and the look and feel of the app.

Keeping in mind your summary, write down as much detailed information as you can in relation to these questions:

  • List the platforms you wish to use the app on (eg. iPhone, Android, iPad, desktop).
  • Will the design be simple or dynamic with lots of imagery and content?
  • Describe your content layout ideas and how you want to present text.
  • Will you require a login system and user profiles?
  • Do you want to enable your users to review or rate things?
  • How many menus /screens / pages?
  • Do you want Social media integration?
  • Will there be a shopping function?
  • Have you researched competitor apps, how is yours unique?
  • Does it have features you wish the user to interact with? If so specify these elements.
  • What are your goals in terms of App sales or downloads? Will you offer a lightweight free version? Are you selling advertising or making a commission from something the app onsells, for example?

And last but most importantly define your budget and timescales!

App development is never cheap and can range from relatively straightforward to extremely complex, which is also reflected in the timescales and budget. It is crucial that you think about these things carefully and advise potential developers or agencies so you know if you will be the right match.

The more information you provide at the outset, the more guidance, support and accurate estimates they can give you to kick start your project and make your app a reality!

*report from Flurry Analytics

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