August 2019
Data Expert

Based in Melbourne, Emil is the editor of our Open Data Insights series.

Emil chooses a dataset to analyse and then uses standard data science techniques to explore the data, looking for patterns and outliers and possible reasons for these. He then writes a narrative around the data to create each Open Data Insight.


  • Data analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Writing and editing

Previous experience

Emil is the Data + Interactives editor at The Conversation, an online news publication. He has worked with Salsa Digital in several roles in the past, most recently as Project Manager before embarking on his journey as a multimedia and data journalist. He returned to Salsa to work on the Open Data Insights series. Emil also has a background in documentary film post-production and has credits on productions for the ABC, SBS, and BBC, among others. Prior to that, he was a technology consultant with Accenture.


  • Graduate Diploma in Journalism
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer) / Bachelor of Engineering (Computer)

Hobbies and fun facts

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Travel (ideally long trips combining walking and cycling)
  • Films

In 2013, Emil walked the Camino de Santiago, starting in France, going across Spain and into Portugal. He also took his young family on a six-month holiday to Indonesia and Malaysia in 2019.

Emil's insights

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