January 2021
Sales Development Representative
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Based in Melbourne, Jack assesses different opportunities and tenders to find projects that are a good fit for Salsa. He then helps with the response process.  

Jack helps manage Salsa leads, contributes to RFQ responses, and works with the marketing team on outbound marketing campaigns.  


  • Listening

  • Critical thinking 

  • Resolving issues

  • Respectfulness 

  • Object-oriented programming

Previous experience

Jack has five years’ experience in sales/retail and four years’ experience working as a support staff member for a medical clinic. He’s in the final stages of completing his IT degree and has a keen interest in IT and web development. 


  • Bachelor of Computer Science 

  • Bachelor of Arts

Hobbies, fun facts and achievements

  • Going for hikes with my partner and cuddling up with our cat on the couch

  • Achievement: Helping design an IT system for a small medical practice from the ground up

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