July 2020
Project Delivery

Based in Melbourne, Kate works across a variety of roles in Salsa, covering everything from project management to writing tenders. 

As a project manager, Kate ensures the project team is working well together.  She keeps track of all actions to make sure the project is running smoothly.  She works closely with our clients to keep them up to date, so they know how the project is tracking.

Kate also helps out in a variety of ways across the business. Her role includes writing tenders, high-level administration and assisting the team with spreadsheet formulas.  

Kate applies a pragmatic approach to all situations.  She will always ask questions to ensure she has a clear understanding of issues.


  • Data analytics
  • Data visualisation
  • Project management
  • Always questioning
  • Writing and editing

Previous experience

Kate has a varied work experience, with long stints in project management and data analytics.   

She started life as a project manager working as a tour guide in Africa where she was responsible for running tours throughout eastern and southern Africa.  Her trips ran for up to three months and Kate was responsible for the health and welfare of up to 30 passengers crossing multiple countries and managing all group bookings, tasks and funds.  It was a 24/7 lifestyle looking after relationships, health and logistics to ensure a safe passage for all.  Being able to respond to difficult situations in an instant (in sometimes volatile situations) makes running projects in Australia using Agile methodologies a breeze!

Kate comes from a background of data and analytics and most recently she worked as a product and pricing analyst for a large global company in its property department. She was responsible for tracking and reporting on over 7000 products and prices.  

Kate has also worked on a London merchant bank trading floor as a trading assistant. This fast-paced world has given her excellent experience in being able to think and act on her feet.

Hobbies and fun facts

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Sewing
  • Spending time with family and pets

Kate once fell down a crevasse on the Mt Blanc massif!