April 2021
Application Support Engineer

Based in Coffs Harbour, Peter is responsible for application support on the GovCMS Service Desk. 

Peter helps government agencies and their development partners troubleshoot problems, migrate websites onto the GovCMS platform, and performs a range of platform-related admin tasks. Peter also makes sure the public and internal documentation is accurate and up-to-date.


  • Backdrop CMS developer
  • Drupal 7 developer
  • Various web tools/technologies, including PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Git, Lando, Behat, etc.

Previous experience

Peter has over 12 years’ experience in web development, working specifically with Drupal and Backdrop. He’s run his own web development business since 2012, working one day a week in his business while also working for other web development companies.

Prior to starting at Salsa, Peter worked four days a week at a European-based digital agency, building large-scale Drupal websites. He’s also worked part-time at a travel agency (building various travel-related websites) and remotely for a Brisbane-based Drupal web development firm.

He still supports and maintains Drupal 7 and Backdrop CMS websites for a handful of his own clients.

Peter also served as a volunteer treasurer at his church from 2013 to 2018.


  • Bachelor of Information Technology

Hobbies and fun facts

  • Puzzles (maths, logic)
  • Coding
  • Reading
  • Shooting (Rimfire and Centrefire rifles)

Peter is also an open source enthusiast and Backdrop CMS core committer. He’s heavily involved in the Backdrop community and is a Backdrop advocate.