At a glance

4 to 6 months
GovCMS, Drupal
Federal government
Discovery & strategy, Design & user research, Build & migration, Content & training
Civic tech, Web development
User needs, Multidisciplinary teams, Agile delivery, Security, Design, Open standards & common platforms, Open source, Accessibility, Testing

ACCC’s challenge

The ACCC needed a website to launch Australia's new Consumer Data Right, and communicate this complex topic/legislation to different audiences, including citizens, small businesses and service providers.

ACCC’s transformation

Salsa Digital and used a user-centred design approach, the application of the Australian Government Design System and the DTA’s service standard,  to deliver the new Consumer Data Right  website.  The complex and potentially overwhelming information is presented in such a way that all stakeholders can effectively understand and participate in the scheme.

The outcomes

  • Consumer content and a user interface that was validated with users
  • The application of the Australian Government Design system for accessible, responsive and reusable components 
  • Use of the GovCMS SaaS platform to deliver a managed, secure and supported platform 

"The UX design process applied by Salsa Digital and Today Design was thorough and consultative, and gave us confidence that the information architecture and look and feel of the new CDR website supported its use cases and delivered a best practice ‘digital experience’ for users. The design phase and build phase dovetailed seamlessly due to Salsa Digital’s excellent project and client relationship management. We had some complex issues to resolve during the build phase, including the need to work with other digital service providers, and Salsa Digital effectively steered us through this process to ensure the project’s success and an on-time launch." 
Lani Gerrish, Director, Strategic Communications Branch, ACCC

ACCC’s challenge — to have confidence in the site’s effectiveness prior to launch

The ACCC needed to create a Consumer Data website that could be used by consumers (individuals and small businesses) and providers (separated into data recipients and data holders). 

The site needed to convey complex information relating to a new piece of Australian Government legislation. The ACCC needed to be confident the site would effectively communicate Consumer Data Right information. The site also had a non-movable, highly publicised timeframe (June 2020).

The site needed to be compliant, effective (presenting complex information simply), and delivered on time.

ACCC’s transformation — user-centred design and standard compliant build

A user-centred design (UCD) process was led by our design partners Today Design. Salsa and Today used components from the Australian Government Design System to create a series of high-fidelity, clickable prototypes that were taken to user testing. Using a design system provided a standards-compliant user interface toolkit from which design concepts could be assembled. The clickable prototype enabled quick feedback, validation and iteration based on extensive user testing.

Several rounds of testing were conducted to refine the designs. A similar process was later used to test the effectiveness of the site’s content (see the content testing case study for more information).

The outcomes — validation of website prior to launch

The ACCC project team was able to test the effectiveness of the site for individuals, small businesses and service providers. The iteration of design ideas built confidence in the user interface prior to the site build and launch. 

The overarching outcome for ACCC was validation of the design and content prior to launch. Other outcomes include:

  • Compliance with the DTA’s service standard for design, in particular:

    • Ensuring user needs are the focus, not government needs

    • An agile/iterative approach to design and build

    • Testing the service/website end-to-end

  • Compliance with the DTA’s service standard for technical approach, in particular:

    • A consistent, accessible and responsive design

    • GovCMS SaaS for its fit to non-functional requirements particularly its security footprint, use of open source and open standards and common platforms

  • Successful delivery to a non-movable, widely publicised timeframe

  • Integration of the find a provide r register 

  • A website that supports the rollout of Consumer Data Right across other sectors (the banking sector for site launch, with future sectors including energy and telecommunications)

About the ACCC and Consumer Data Right

The ACCC enforces the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and other legislation. It focuses on promoting competition and fair trading. The ACCC is one of three government regulators for Australia’s new Consumer Data Right. Consumer Data Right gives individuals and small businesses the right to share their data from one provider to another. Providers transfer customer data (if requested to do so) using automated data technology.