At a glance

State government
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The players

DSCV is a free dispute resolution service funded by the Victorian Government providing mediation services and training services to national standards. 


The initial project itself was straight-forward: develop a sharp, clean web platform with the ability to grow into the future as the needs of the organisation evolved.

The real challenge for DSCV was to find a partner that was able to service them on an ongoing basis, providing a suite of professional services to:

  • Provide sound strategic digital advice regularly
  • Implement site changes as required
  • Maintain high levels of security and platform robustness by implementing regular upgrades
  • A strong, secure hosting environment


Salsa’s creative team was first engaged to deliver a design that achieved the above, but also adhered to stringent government design guidelines, and importantly, W3C AA compliance.


Salsa chose to utilise the Drupal Enterprise CMS platform to support the project since it offered superior flexibility to its competitors and also had a strong upgrade path, which was an important criteria for DSCV given that security and robustness are critical to government projects.

Salsa has served DSCV for several years now, offering regular seamless upgrades and various strategic projects over the years, including rationalisation of other digital assets into the main Drupal site and reducing overheads by removing unneeded sites.