At a glance

Discovery & strategy, Hosting & maintenance, Support & optimisation

The purpose

To help this family-owned, Aussie business provide a secure and stable ecommerce experience for its customers.

The players

Felton Grimwade and Bosisto (FGB) is the family-owned Australian company behind the brands Bosisto’s, Euky Bear and Extralife. It’s also the sole Australian distributor for Vicks, Braun and BON.

The problem

FGB had a family of Drupal sites that had been developed by another vendor. However, they were having problems with the sites and FGB wasn’t happy with the existing vendor. They needed to find a new Drupal developer to fix the problems and work with them moving forward.

The solution

Salsa Digital and FGB developed a two-stage solution:

  1. Audit and ‘fix’ stability and other issues, including migrating the site to a more stable and high-performance hosting infrastructure.

  2. Maintain and enhance the site.

Stage 1

Salsa Digital started with a detailed technical platform assessment to fully identify the problems and their underlying causes. From there, we migrated the FGB main site onto a new, more stable hosting infrastructure and implemented a series of fixes to remediate issues we found with the site. We also upgraded the many out-of-date modules the old site was running.

Stage 2

We then moved into a maintenance plus enhancements phase, shifting our focus from tactical to strategic, looking at how we could use digital solutions to help FGB grow the business. Key areas we’ve delivered on include:

  • An improved shopping cart feature and favourites function.

  • The addition of a wish list feature.

  • An improved ‘featured product’ facility.

  • Cleaning up search and results by consolidating fragmented products (e.g. different sizes of the same product used to come up as separate products/search results, but now they’re consolidated into one result).

FGB Desktop

We’re also about to start work with FGB on a new website/brand and we’re looking at ways to integrate their family of websites to make content management faster and easier for them.

The benefits

FGB is now confident that its main website is reliable, with new and improved features and back-end systems. Since going live, the site is performing significantly faster. In addition, peak traffic times can be pro-actively managed because the site’s now running on a cloud AWS infrastructure. For example, when the site was hit by a surge of unexpected traffic we were able to identify the issue quickly and ramp up the performance of the server in minutes.

FGB is also enjoying working with a responsive and experienced vendor who’s keen to help them deliver on their digital and business goals.