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To help the Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) more effectively reach their audience — Australia’s regional communities. 

The problem

The RIC website had been brought across from WordPress to GovCMS SaaS. New to GovCMS, RIC was looking for a vendor with deep GovCMS experience and knowledge to initially provide application support. However, with a site that couldn't be extensively content managed, RIC also saw the new platform as an opportunity to embark on a redesign and partial rebuild to give them a greater level of content control.

The solution

Salsa’s application support services cover monthly updates and ad-hoc developments. Our GovCMS application support also draws on our extensive knowledge of the GovCMS program, including future developments.

For the redesign/rebuild project, we followed our standard agile project process, delivering over several two-week sprints. The three main elements for this small rebuild were:

  • Updating the homepage template to use the standard Landing Page content type

  • Updating the Landing Page content type to include more components

  • Creating a dedicated News type and automated News listing page

These three changes give RIC significantly more content control. RIC staff can quickly and easily update the homepage, have access to a customised content landing page that meets their needs, and a customised News content type.

"Working with Salsa Digital was fantastic. The team guided the redevelopment of the RIC site while providing top quality support throughout the project. The highlight of the project was the attention to detail from the Salsa team, it was reassuring to work with such a professional team. Salsa Digital built a partnership with our organisation and took time to understand our needs."
Mitch Brakenridge, Acting Marketing Manager, Regional Investment Corporation


The benefits of the site updates and Salsa’s ongoing website support include:

  • More control over the content on the homepage and other landing pages

  • Dedicated News content type so they can publish news more easily

  • A more user-friendly site that’s easier to navigate

  • Peace-of-mind that the RIC website is being professionally supported by a vendor that’s also the official GovCMS implementation partner