At a glance

2014 - 2015
Discovery & strategy, Design & user research, Build & migration
Civic tech

The purpose

To help Sportspass connect with grass-roots sporting clubs.

The players

Sportspass is an organisation that creates a way for grassroots sporting teams to raise money, by providing local sporting clubs with discount cards they can sell to their members. The cards work as a rewards program, through Sportspass’s partnerships with over 300 brands and companies.

The problem

The Sportspass business model relied solely on a successful website. Sportspass needed a multi-purpose website with e-commerce capabilities and design templates that could be easily branded. They needed to sign up and attract people to use the website, provide access to the deals and offers for redemption and they also wanted a site where clubs could post their sports news and community updates.

Sportspass was looking for a reliable vendor to work on all elements — strategy, visual design and implementation (site build).

The solution

Salsa kicked the project off with a discovery workshop that led to a roadmap of development for the Sportspass website.

Visual design

Sportspass had a very specific corporate brand they wanted translated into their web presence. In addition, the design needed to accommodate template areas — so each sporting club could have its own presence, and each vendor partner could set up information and offers on its individually branded pages.

Salsa created a design that’s fresh, friendly and sports-orientated, to keep users visually engaged. Our series of wire frames gave Sportspass a clear idea of how the pages would look and how the user interface would work. This was complemented by our streamlined information architecture, so content and features were organised in the most logical and user-friendly way.

Sportspass Desktop Tablet Mobile

We also created template areas for sporting clubs and vendors, allowing customisation.

Sportspass Tablet Mobile Banner


The site is set up to automate many features, so the Sportspass system can ‘run itself’. Sporting club members can register swiftly and easily and are instantly taken to their club’s pages. Information is customised for that particular club, so the member sees club information, branding, news and offers. This club-centric approach is an important element in the website design. The website is integrated with the card management platform, so membership details can be quickly and easily managed online by all members.

From a club perspective, club officials can login to their pages and add information — club and community news, schedules of play, etc.

In addition, this level of customisation also applies to the third-party vendors, who can add information and offer details to their customised pages.

The benefits

The Sportpass system and website provides clubs with an appealing fundraising option, with much of the work automated via the Sportspass website.

The Salsa-designed site underpins the entire Sportspass business model and Salsa was able to deliver a site that meets their needs with a high degree of automation. Sportspass doesn’t need to get involved in all the site’s functions — such as members validating their cards, vendors setting up their offers and clubs setting up their pages.

The website makes the business model possible, and delivers a fundraising initiative that, for the most part, runs itself.