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Fixed price GovCMS services

Salsa offers a variety of fixed price GovCMS service packages to provide cost and timeline certainty for customers when requirements and outcomes are simple, well-defined and predictable.

GovCMS fixed price services

Salsa’s main fixed price GovCMS services are:

Website assessments and advisory services

Make an informed decision on whether GovCMS is right for you. We’ll conduct an assessment to determine viability, approach, risks, costs and timelines based on your requirements.

Website rehosting and installation

Migrate your Drupal site onto a resilient, secure, monitored and fully managed public cloud platform backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA. Salsa will work with you to setup and migrate your new Drupal site (any supported version or distribution) onto the GovCMS Platform as a Service (PaaS) secure public cloud offering.

Theme development and enhancement services

Theme your GovCMS Drupal site to represent your agency’s brand and visual look and feel. Salsa will apply your branding and tailored designs to your GovCMS Drupal application.

Content migration and consolidation

Migrate your proprietary and/or legacy site onto Drupal GovCMS backed by a resilient, secure, monitored and fully managed public cloud platform with a 99.95% uptime SLA. Salsa can audit and update your IA structure and/or content for a refresh, or simply setup and migrate your existing content onto your new SaaS or PaaS GovCMS site.

 Site audits and technical reviews

Site audits and technical reviews help you identify any problems in your site, including security and performance issues. Salsa’s site audits and technical reviews will pinpoint issues and give you recommendations on how to fix them.

Theme review

Make sure your site is accessible by all users and optimised to be viewed on different devices and internet browsers. Salsa will also make sure your site complies with the relevant design system.

Code review

Does your website’s module code follow best practice to maximise your site’s performance and stability? Salsa’s code review services take a deep dive into the code behind your site to ensure it’s optimised and follows Drupal/GovCMS best practice.

Ongoing GovCMS application support

Whether you’re on GovCMS SaaS or PaaS, ongoing GovCMS application support ensures the application layer for your website continues to remain secure and up-to-date (PaaS only), while also allowing you to build new enhancements and ad-hoc features.

User testing

Salsa provides user testing packages across visitor experience, content author experience, and user acceptance testing (UAT).


GovCMS out-of-the-box

Build and host a new site quickly on a resilient, secure, monitored and fully managed public cloud platform backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA, leveraging GovCMS’s ‘out-of-the-box’ features.


What is GovCMS?

GovCMS is a whole-of-government open source web content management system designed by government for government and hosted on the public cloud. It’s provided by the Federal Department of Finance to give agencies the tools to build, migrate and manage websites.

Why GovCMS?

GovCMS allows government agencies to focus their time and budget on delivering great content and digital services by taking away the common problems agencies face when managing their web presence. These problems include:

  1. Capacity: Limited resources to build, manage or secure websites.

  2. Capability: Limited staff with the necessary skills to build, manage or secure websites.

  3. Compliance: The need to comply with government standards around design, accessibility, privacy, security, sovereignty and information/records management.

Benefits of GovCMS

Some benefits GovCMS can provide to government agencies include:

  • Simplified and faster procurement of services with Department of Finance GovCMS procurement arrangements access our services directly from the panel of qualified direct source providers
  • An easy-to-use content management system (CMS), with no need to know HTML coding to create and manage content

  • Security patching, support and 24/7 monitoring

  • Ongoing maintenance and testing

  • Built on Drupal open source software so you can reuse and adapt from an active and thriving global community

  • Responsive web design so your site can function and be easily viewed on a range of devices including tablets and smartphones

  • Best practice service design based on the Digital Transformation Agency's (DTA's) Australian Government Digital Service Standards

  • Compliance with the DTA’s Design System

Two GovCMS options to choose from

There are two GovCMS options to choose from:

  1. GovCMS SaaS: Software as a Service (SaaS) is a fully managed offering, removing the burden of managing your own software, licensing and infrastructure.

  2. GovCMS PaaS: Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a partially managed, infrastructure hosting only, offering in a dedicated cloud environment. PaaS gives agencies greater freedom to customise functionality however requires you to manage the Drupal application layer of your site(s).

Case studies

Helping government build a more sustainable environment

Salsa built the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) a new, modern Drupal 7 (GovCMS) website that more accurately represented its brand, while also providing new functionality to help users find NABERS' ratings and information quickly and easily. This delivered a much better user experience.


Updated 2018/2019 Victorian Budget site

For the third year running Salsa Digital worked on the Victorian Budget website, building on the original GovCMS site that we developed in 2016.


New default design theme template for govCMS

Salsa Digital was engaged by the Australian Department of Finance to create a visually appealing govCMS design template that was flexible enough to meet the needs of many different agencies and, when customised, could give each govCMS site individual personality.


Related news

Salsa Digital and to build next generation GovCMS platform

Media release: Salsa Digital and will build the next generation GovCMS platform as part of a three-year contract. The new Salsa Digital/ solution will bring GovCMS onto an open source platform making the entire technology stack open source for the first time. It will also feature cutting-edge web development tools.


102 GovCMS SaaS sites live on the next generation open platform

Media release: 102 GovCMS sites are now live on the new GovCMS platform, moving from the previous system to the Salsa Digital and platform. This migration marks the official launch of the second-generation GovCMS.

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