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Ongoing GovCMS application support

Whether you’re on GovCMS SaaS or PaaS, ongoing GovCMS application support ensures the application layer for your website continues to remain secure and up-to-date (PaaS only), while also allowing you to build new enhancements and ad-hoc features.

What is GovCMS?

GovCMS is a whole-of-government open source web content management system designed by government for government and hosted on a secure public cloud. Find out more about GovCMS

Why you might want ongoing GovCMS application support

There are several reasons you might need ongoing GovCMS application support, including:

  • Business continuity: Salsa’s software maintenance services, including security patching and website monitoring, are conducted consistently and qualitatively to ensure minimal-to-no disruption to BAU.

  • Governance: Strong technical leadership and coordination, with an agreed level of oversight to ensure support requests are analysed and resolved effectively with minimal impact.

  • Augment: Boost your existing GovCMS capacity and/or capability for periods of high activity including ad-hoc enhancements and/or support for critical activities.

  • On demand: Consume support services only on an ‘as-needs’ basis.

You may also need emergency support to cover your site 24/7. 

Benefits of ongoing GovCMS application support

There are many benefits of ongoing GovCMS application support, such as:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing operational issues will be addressed and resolved, protecting business continuity SLAs.

  • Improved maintenance: Reduce development costs and security and maintenance liabilities through experts adopting and implementing best practices on your site.

  • Flexibility: Salsa’s software maintenance model lets you call on expertise on an ‘as-needs’ basis for application enhancements and/or ad-hoc support, avoiding overcommitting full-time employees or funds.

What you get

For our fixed price ongoing GovCMS application support packages, you get:

  • A dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) as primary contact and support coordinator

  • A dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) as point of escalation

  • A transparent online project management and ticketing system

  • A requests, issues and risks register

  • Project management and stakeholder management

  • Regular account relationship meetings


You also get access to:

  • The digital agency that’s the official service provider of the entire GovCMS platform and program

  • A highly qualified and experienced digital agency that has delivered over 30 GovCMS projects since 2015

  • GovCMS product and project delivery specialists with extensive experience in ongoing application support.


Typical support requests may include, but are not limited to:

  • Content management and/or user/application administration

  • Minor application enhancements and/or fixes, including logo or image updates

  • Technical governance, leadership and/or solution direction sounding board with an expert specialist 

  • Investigation, estimation and quotation of enhancements, including simple branding updates or larger Machinery of Government (MoG) changes

  • General enquiries, operational support and training

  • Optional functional regression test authoring and validation services

  • Release management support

Fixed price packages

There are two types of packages to choose from:

  1. Block hours: Greater flexibility on consumption. Recommended when consumption is a little more sporadic and unpredictable.

  2. Monthly retainer: Favourable SLAs. Recommended when consumption needs are more predictable.

Block hour packages

Package Tariff Expiration Total ex-GST Total inc-GST
10 hours $185/h 3 months $1,850 $2,035
20 hours $180/h $3,600 $3,960
50 hours $175/h 6 months $8,750 $9,625
100 hours $170/h 12 months $17,000 $18,700
200 hours 12 months $34,000 $37,400


  1. Greater flexibility when schedule of work is less predictable or sporadic

  2. 100% paid upfront in advance

  3. 50% of unused time is carried over if another equivalent or higher package is pre-purchased

Monthly retainer packages

  Tariff Total per month ex-GST Total per month inc-GST
5 hours $185/h $925 $1,017.50
10 hours $180/h $1,800 $1,980.00
25 hours $175/h $4,375 $4,812.50
40 hours $170/h $6,800 $7,480.00


  1. Carry-over flexibility is available and confirmed at time of onboarding

  2. Minimum six-month commitment

  3. Favourable SLA response lead times (see ‘Support SLAs’)

Support SLAs (block vs retainer)

Maintenance support effort Lead times - business days
Pre-purchased bulk hours agreement Monthly retainer agreement
1 to 2 hours Up to 3 business days Up to 2 business days
3 to 8 hours Up to 6 business days Up to 4 business days
1 to 2 days Up to 8 business days Up to 6 business days
3 to 4 days Up to 12 business days Up to 9 business days
4 days+ Scheduled and priced as project*

* Note that ongoing application support hours are priced and subject to different terms and conditions than that of scheduled, project-based work.

One-time upfront onboarding costs

One-off onboarding fee applies for both block and monthly retainer options as below:

Task Hours (@ $195 +GST) Cost +GST
Maintenance onboarding 8 $1,560
Setup and familiarisation 12 $2,340
Establish process 4 $780
Totals 24 $4,680 + GST

Case studies

Security patching and maintenance for Victoria’s DHHS

Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) contracts Salsa Digital to support four of its websites.


Related news

Open source security patching and updates

Website security patches provide protection against known (usually new) threats by ‘patching’ the code to protect against the problem/threat. They are an essential part of ensuring your site is secure. Likewise, updating your website so it’s running the most current, secure version of code also protects you against attacks, security breaches and downtime.


Website application support and enhancement services

Salsa Digital provides a range of services to help you build, improve and support your Drupal, Wordpress or GovCMS website.


Developer experience

Developer experience and codebase control are essential elements for any digital project. Salsa projects are built on standardised and proven development processes and tools. This delivers rapid deployments, greater predictability, reduced risk of regression errors and overall developer confidence and happiness.


Other GovCMS services

Salsa’s other fixed price GovCMS services include:

Website assessments and advisory services

Make an informed decision on whether GovCMS is right for you.

Website rehosting and installation

Migrate your Drupal site onto a resilient, secure, monitored and fully managed public cloud platform backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA.

GovCMS theme development and enhancement services

Theme your GovCMS Drupal site to represent your agency’s brand and visual look and feel

Content migration and consolidation

Migrate your proprietary and/or legacy site onto Drupal GovCMS backed by a resilient, secure, monitored and fully managed public cloud platform with a 99.95% uptime SLA.

Site audits and technical reviews

Site audits and technical reviews help you identify any problems in your site, including security and performance issues.

Theme review

Make sure your site is accessible by all users and optimised to be viewed on different devices and internet browsers.

Code review

Does your website’s module code follow best practice to maximise your site’s performance and stability?

User testing

Salsa provides user testing packages across visitor experience, content author experience, and user acceptance testing (UAT).

GovCMS out-of-the-box

Build and host a new site quickly on a resilient, secure, monitored and fully managed public cloud platform backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA, leveraging GovCMS’s ‘out-of-the-box’ features.

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