1 May 2021
Phillipa Martin

Why design good forms?

Online forms are an important aspect of website design and they're complex to design well. The Vic Gov best practice online forms guide provides support to help Victorian agencies and departments create better online forms that help to deliver:

  • An improved user experience

  • Streamlined transactions with government

  • Better online delivery of products or services

  • Access for everyone, including people with disabilities (such as low or no vision, or low literacy)

Good forms are:

  • Clear

  • Concise

  • Clever

  • Cooperative

Criteria that must be met

There are specific standards that must be included in the design of an online form. They are:

Following the online form standard

This standard involves four steps that are important when formulating online forms:

  1. Best practice questions

  2. Order and relationship between questions

  3. Presentation and flow

  4. Process and data collection


Finally, any new or redeveloped forms must be approved by a Digital Management Committee or equivalent.

Salsa Digital’s take

We understand that designing online forms can be surprisingly complex and can make or break someone’s online experience.  

The Victorian Government’s best practice online forms guide provides support to Vic Gov departments by setting out the standards and steps necessary to design effective and easy-to-use online forms. This is an aspect of digital design that helps create better engagement between government and citizens.