17 December 2020
Salsa Digital

Despite the pandemic (and sometimes because of it), 2020 has been another fantastic year here and overseas for digital transformation in government. Some of our favourite blogs (topics and case studies) this year include:

  • Rules as code (Issue #115) — Rules as code (RaC) turns legislation and other rules into machine-readable code. An emerging space within the public sector, RaC reduces ambiguity, makes it easier for citizens and organisations to comply with the rules and also leads to greater transparency.

  • D9 — pioneers in digital government (Issue #112) — D9 consists of nine digital pioneering countries working together to share knowledge, work on joint projects and build on each other’s strengths. 

  • DTA’s whole-of-government architecture taskforce (Issue #109) — The DTA’s whole-of-government architecture strategy focuses on delivering better services to citizens and reducing costs. 

  • Open data and the foundational four (Issue #108) — The National Data Commissioner’s publication The Foundational Four provides advice on how the Australia Public Service can improve its data use.

  • AI and open data for COVID risk assessment (Issue #105) — Imagine if you could check an app or website before you headed to a particular location and get a real-time risk assessment of COVID-19 exposure. That’s the vision behind α-satellite. 

  • Open science – using the open source model (Issue  #104) — Open science is a great example of how one of the foundations of digital transformation in government, open source, can be applied to help improve the way we tackle Covid19 and any future health emergencies.

  • Australia’s API design standard (Issue #103) — Australia’s National API Design Standards represent a whole-of-government approach to APIs to make it easier and faster for developers to work with APIs. Standardisation will also help to deliver service unification.

  • Open data — 2016 to 2020 (Issue #100) — Just over two years ago, the Productivity Commission released its draft report on data. So what’s happened since then? How is Australia progressing with open data?

Salsa Digital’s take

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our DTIG series this year. We’re looking forward to continuing the journey with you in 2021.

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