Step 18 - Content validation

Drupal 9 site migration project delivery blueprint


The details on this page represents the goal, activities, deliverables and resources for conducting a content validation as part of a site migration project.

The content validation is step 18 of a 24 step project delivery process Salsa has designed for migrating (or upgrading) sites from a legacy or proprietary CMS to Drupal 9.

An overview of the entire process can be found here: Drupal 9 site migration project delivery blueprint.


4B: Validate


Be confident all content has been transferred successfully from the source CMS site to the Drupal 9 site


  1. Spot checks of content pages to ensure distinct elements within distinct content types have been migrated successfully

  2. Heuristic tests of content based on database counts and other metrics

  3. Ideally, automated validation


  1. Content validation report (approach, findings, recommendations)

Resources and templates*

  1. Content validation report sample

  2. Heuristic validation approaches

* to be publically available by Q1 2021 to align with the GovCMS D9 roadmap.  Reach out if you’d like a draft version beforehand.

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