14 April 2022
Akhil Bhandari

Drupal Meetup April 

Our April Meetup focused on one presentation (Danielle Sheffler presented on CivicTheme) and a discussion around a current project at Adelaide University. 


Our main presentation for the Meetup was from Salsa’s Danielle Sheffler. Danielle gave all the attendees an introduction to CivicTheme. CivicTheme is an open source design system with a library of production-ready feature components. It allows people to build a website quickly, easily, with no coding and at a significantly reduced cost. The main time required is to load content and images. 

Adelaide University project 

After Danielle’s presentation, we heard from one of our newer members, Behzad Bakhsh from Adelaide Uni. He talked about the project he’s currently working on for the university. The project has more than 240 websites that are managed using a single Drupal instance and in-house hosting. The websites  cover areas such as managing scholarships, managing overseas students and the enrolment process. 

Behzad has agreed to provide more detail down the track as a presentation.