18 November 2019

Our giveback pledge

As part of our commitment to open source, Salsa offers 20% off any new and/or enhanced features (e.g. modules or themes) we build for our customers and contribute back to the relevant open source community. The register below shows the items we’ve contributed with our clients. We give the client a 20% credit based on the effort invested in the contribution, to be used however they see fit (within the project or elsewhere).

See our blog Salsa’s giveback pledge for more information.

More than just commits

Open source is about more than just the number of commits/pull requests. Open source is an ethos that can encompass a range of actions, from community engagement to event sponsorship to knowledge sharing through publications to open design to open sourcing documentation. Part of the ethos is also about celebrating and promoting people’s achievements and contributions across the different open source communities. This giveback register represents a way we can celebrate our clients’ commitment to open source in the form of sponsoring (with a little help from us!) improvements.

The register

Date Agency/organisation Giveback details
November 2018 GovCMS/Department of Finance

Open sourcing GovCMS training documents

Read our blog

October 2019 Data.qld (Department of Department of Housing and Public Works)

Co-sponsorship of contributing new features to CKAN open data portal

Read our blog

November 2018 GovCMS/Department of Finance

Salsa sponsored one-third of the effort to have the GovCMS SaaS platform and application IRAP assessed. A rigorous exercise assessing people, process and technology and subsequent changes to ensure compliance was executed. Salsa invested in the order of $45K at it’s own cost to ensure DoF GovCMS is IRAP compliant to OFFICIAL:Sensitive.

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We’re proud of these contributions and very grateful to the agencies above, who share our ethos for giving back to the open source community.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to find out more about how our giveback pledge works.

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