27 April 2020
Salsa Digital

Donating to Drupal, donating to open source

As part of our commitment to open source and the Drupal community we recently donated US$1500 to the Drupal Association. Drupal and open source have played an important part in Salsa’s evolution (see our blog on Salsa’s GovCMS journey) and our donation also represents our belief in the power of the open revolution for open government.

A supporting partner of Drupal

Salsa is also now an official supporting partner of Drupal, through our annual subscription to the Drupal Association. Once again, this provides financial support to grassroots Drupal initiatives and is an important part in supporting the Drupal community. Salsa’s subscription is at the ‘classic tier’ rate of US$2500 per year.

Our commitment to open source

These two financial contributions represent our ongoing support of Drupal and the open source movement.

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