7 September 2020
Alfred Deeb

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Where to next?

While we’d like to acknowledge the digital pioneers and programs that are contributing to the movement — breaking down those silos and driving genuine change — there are more changes we’d like to see...our where to next.

Ideally, we’d like to see:

  • Australia become part of the D9 (D10 if we join!) so we can share and exchange with other digital pioneers
  • The extension of the Australian Data and Digital Council (or perhaps a separate stream) to include digital pioneers and leaders closer to the ground
  • Greater sharing and re-using of consolidated platforms

We know these are easier said than done, but they’re also important next steps.

We’d also like to see government continue to open up more data sets, supported by more APIs. This will encourage industry and citizens to co-create and co-innovate to push us all forward. Part of this framework is continuous consolidation through whole-of-government platforms. The more consolidated, the easier it is to open data and standardise access, which in turn drives co-creation/co-innovation with citizens.

We realise this takes time. Time to educate, time to experiment, time to advocate. But government can start small, one service at a time. Changes should also be part of a continuous community workflow loop, with government departments learning from others, giving back, making mistakes and giving those lessons back too.

Salsa’s role in the movement is to continue to advocate through publications like this and our Digital Transformation in Government series, Open Data Insights series and blogs like our open revolution insight.

Importantly, we’ll continue to join the dots by joining the people when government clients come to us with a problem we know is being worked on (or solved) by someone else. Connecting governments/public servants that are trying to solve the same problems is one of the many ways we do our bit to help governments become more open, more connected and more consolidated.

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