14 December 2021
Salsa Digital

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Salsa

It’s been a pleasure to work with our fantastic clients and partners this year to deliver some amazing work. We’ve also actively participated in many virtual events this year (e.g. Drupal Shorts and DrupalCon Europe) and hosted some great Drupal Meetups. 

We’re looking forward to doing it again, bigger and better, next year!

Opening hours

During the Christmas and New Year period, Salsa will be open on all days except the public holidays of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. 

While many members of the team are away, there will be some Salsarians on duty!

Donating to charities 

In lieu of hampers, socks, or ‘knick-knacks’, each year Salsa donates to charities on behalf of Salsa and the ‘extended’ Salsa family (our partners and clients). 

This year we’ve donated a total of $4,000 and chosen four charities that we believe need a little extra help and have donated $1,000 to each charity. We hope our donations help these charities make a difference to those impacted by the events of 2021 and into next year. 

  • Kids Helpline — Kids Helpline is a free phone counselling service for 5-25 year olds. We thought this was a particularly important cause this year, with many young people’s mental health affected by Covid and lockdowns.

  • The Smith Family — The Smith Family helps disadvantaged children around the nation. Another good cause in what’s been a tough year (two years) for many Australian families. 

  • Melbourne City Mission — Melbourne City Mission’s community focus reflects our own strong community focus, while also showing our support for Salsa’s official home state. While our employees are spread out across the globe, we started in Melbourne and most (many) of our employees live in Melbourne. 

  • Habitat for Humanity — Habitat for Humanity helps people around the world build or improve their homes. The need for a safe home has become even more important in the past two years, and Habitat for Humanity’s focus on community also aligns with Salsa’s values. 

Giving back to the community

This year, Salsa has also contributed back to the Drupal and government communities in Australia.

Salsa contributed more than 2,410 hours and $10,000 to community projects and events in 2021, the list below summarises some of our contributions.

  • Department of Health — 100hrs+ Partnering to give back eight new features to Victoria’s Single Digital Presence

  • CivicTheme MVP build — 1,800hrs+ creating a design system for use with GovCMS D9 and other content management systems

  • Merlin — 200hrs + improving the Merlin interface and associated open source documentation on GitHub

  • CASA — 10hrs+ Partnering to create website user interfaces, conduct user research for navigation, usability, interactions and visual appeal.

  • GovCMS and Drupal community — 300hrs+ event contributions and sponsoring $10,000AUD of community events

Happy holidays

Once again, wishing everyone a wonderful holiday period. We’ll see you in 2022!