14 April 2022
Alfred Deeb

What is CivicTheme?

CivicTheme is an open source design system with a library of production-ready feature components you can use out-of-the-box with the included Drupal 9 theme. It lets you build a production-ready, feature-rich Drupal website in days. The design system architecture means a basic site can be assembled with no developers or coding.  

Tested against WCAG 2.1 AA and aligned to the former Australian Government Design System commonly used by government websites, this has been an epic undertaking and piece of engineering. It ultimately aims to enable high quality GovCMS D9 builds at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional website projects.

LaunchPad makes it even easier

LaunchPad is a solution we built to work with CivicTheme. It allows you to set up your own GovCMS (or Drupal only) sandbox instantly...well, within 20 minutes! 

Just answer a few questions about your site branding, fonts, colours and logo then LaunchPad will configure and build a new, fully functional Drupal 9 GovCMS pre-production sandbox website with CivicTheme and your requested branding. Just add your content and the site will be ready to launch!

LaunchPad with CivicTheme lets you build your Drupal 9 website in hours/days without developers, any coding or technical knowledge. The only time needed is how long it takes you to load your web content, images and files. 

If you'd like a demonstration of LaunchPad please contact us

Test, explore, feedback

Before we do our official launch, we’d really value your feedback and opinion on the solution, to better inform and shape the final, soon-to-be-released version.

You can check out the CivicTheme example website and CivicTheme default website to explore how the CivicTheme websites look and work. Please email any feedback or suggestions to

Expert-led demonstration

If you’re interested in seeing CivicTheme and/or LaunchPad in more detail you can contact us and our Salsa experts can give you a short, 20-minute demonstration and answer your questions.

CivicTheme resources

Below are some artefacts about CivicTheme:

*Note: To quantify the actual disruption of speed and quality in building a site a content author (not a site builder or developer!) assembled the entire website in under 2 days, including IA, homepage and other page layouts — no site builder and no code necessary. (Naturally preparation of content and imagery took additional time.)