5 July 2021

Today Salsa Digital, an agency exclusively focused on helping governments digitally transform, was announced as an official supporting partner of the Drupal Association's Drupal Steward security program

"The Drupal project has always been a leader in the open source world when it comes to security, and the Drupal Steward program extends that leadership,” said Tim Lehnen, CTO of the Drupal Association. “It is an innovative solution to provide peace of mind to site owners so they don't feel their IT teams are in a race with bad actors when a new security release is announced. The Drupal Association is grateful to have strong partners like Salsa Digital/QuantCDN who believe in the mission of a more secure web built on open source. Not only does Salsa Digital/QuantCDN have a proven track record in security, they actually helped us to develop the Drupal Steward platform, for the benefit of the community at large."

Security is becoming even more important for government websites, which are subject to frequent cyber threats. As more and more governments digitally transform, the threat/risk of cyber attacks increases.

“The Drupal Steward program will strengthen our approach to protecting government clients, and ultimately protecting information and services for citizens,” said Salsa Founder and Director, Alfred Deeb. “We’re currently responsible for supporting over 400 government websites with millions of pages. These websites and platforms deliver critical information to citizens and require the highest and strictest levels of security, performance and resilience.”

About the Drupal Steward security program

The Drupal Steward program is a fully managed web application firewall service. The globally distributed service provides immediate, affordable protection for websites that significantly reduces the risk between the time security vulnerabilities are discovered and the time your website is patched.

This paid service is offered by the Drupal Association and the Drupal Security team. Drupal Steward proceeds then support the Drupal open source project.

“Through its security measures, Drupal Steward will reduce the adoption barrier of open source CMSs for enterprise and mission-critical sites. This is really great news for Drupal, really great news for open source,” said Alfred Deeb.

Salsa Partner and CTO Stuart Rowlands has been pivotal to our role in the Drupal Steward program.  Stuart is the co-founder and CEO of QuantCDN — technology that generates and serves a static version of your Drupal website. QuantCDN, along with our partners at, was chosen as the delivery partners to develop the new Drupal Steward management portal. 

Learn more about QuantCDN building Drupal Steward with the Drupal Association

Learn more about Drupal Steward

For more information about the Drupal Association’s Drupal Steward program please visit

Why Drupal security matters for Australians

Among many of its national policies, standards, frameworks and guidelines is Australia’s open source policy, which encourages agencies to actively participate in open source software communities and contribute back where appropriate. The Digital Service Standards, maintained by the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency, state “make open source code by default” to reduce costs for projects, avoid vendor lock-in, stop duplication and increase transparency.

Given this, it’s not surprising that the Australian Government has one of the largest Drupal footprints in Australia, responsible for delivering trusted information and services to its citizens. 

Salsa founder and whole-of-government platform advocate, Alfred Deeb, recently presented at DrupalCon Barcelona: Drupal the choice of Australian Government.

About Salsa 

Salsa is an open source company delivering technology and innovation to help governments digitally transform, better engage with citizens, and open up to co-create and co-innovate with industry.

One of Salsa’s major services is hosting, developing, managing and scaling whole-of-government digital platforms and websites. These websites and platforms deliver critical information to citizens and also have the strictest levels of security, performance and resilience requirements.

To learn more about Salsa Digital please visit


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Tim Lehnen, Drupal Association CTO