28 September 2016
Alfred Deeb

What is the Digital Marketplace?

The Digital Marketplace was set up by the Government’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO) and is currently officially in Beta. The aim is to make the procurement of IT services easier for government departments at all levels, while also making it easier for businesses — especially SMEs — to win government business.

The Digital Marketplace is part of the National Science and Innovation Agenda and operates as a panel of pre-approved vendors that all government agencies (at local, state and federal levels) can commission to work on their digital projects.

Getting on the panel

The call for the Digital Marketplace was set up as a Request for Tender, with vendors selecting which categories they want to apply for. We applied for two categories: Service Design and Interactive Design; and Inclusive Design and Accessibility. These align well with Salsa Digital’s user focus and expertise, creating digital solutions from strategy, to design to build.


The benefits of the Digital Marketplace are clear:

  • The procurement of ICT services is faster for government agencies
  • Government projects are more accessible for Aussie ICT providers
  • Projects can get up and running faster
  • Projects are delivered to citizens sooner

The end result is an overall streamlining of digital procurement for government in Australia.

What’s changed for Salsa Digital?

The Digital Marketplace is a great opportunity for Salsa Digital as we continue to grow our client base in the government sector. Our position in the Digital Marketplace aligns perfectly with our work in the GovCMS space, as a preferred GovCMS implementation partner. This is particularly relevant given the close working relationship and collaboration between the DTO and GovCMS.

Salsa Digital is now designing and building GovCMS websites that also comply with DTO guidelines — bringing the best of both worlds to our government clients.

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