26 February 2021
Danielle Sheffler

Although there are many accessibility resources on the web, they’re often disparate and don’t provide an entire pack of information to get you started with learning more about accessibility and also teaching you about how to test. This is where Salsa’s accessibility starter kit comes in! While you won’t become an accessibility expert overnight, you will receive in-depth accessibility educational resources, testing checklists, and templates to use during testing.

The Salsa accessibility starter kit includes the following:

  • Insights

  • Salsa scoring spreadsheet and testing checklist  — The Salsa scoring sheet gives you the ability to track the number of accessibility violations on your site and to determine your accessibility compliance score. Our testing checklist gives you the testing steps you need to perform automated and manual tests.

  • Accessibility report template — Our audit template provides you with the structure you need to report the results of your audit findings.

  • Writing Accessible Content Resource Guide — Learn how to make your content accessible when writing for the web.

  • Web Accessibility Resource Guide  — This resource guide gives you links to more information about the various information and tools needed to support testing, code remediation, and documentation remediation to conduct a full and comprehensive audit and remediation of your site.

Download our Accessibility Starter Kit

Download a copy of our Salsa Scoring Spreadsheet, which gives you all of the tools to determine your site’s accessibility compliance score against either WCAG 2.0 AA or WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Download accessibility starter kit