27 May 2022
Phillipa Martin

Tech Diversity Awards 2022

On Thursday 26 May, some Melbourne-based Salsarians took the opportunity to come together and support diversity in our industry. With COVID-19 and the many Melbourne lockdowns it was the first time in years (literally) that we’d been at such a large social gathering…around 500 people! 

The evening started with a foyer reception, where we managed to get a quick photo with Salsa Board member and co-founder of the Tech Diversity Foundation, Deirdre Diamante.

Photo of Con, Ming, Alan, Steven, Deirdre and Phillipa at Tech Diversity Awards 2022
Salsarians with Deirdre, from left to right: Con, Ming, Alan, Steven, Deirdre and Phillipa (me)

After the foyer reception we went inside for dinner. 

Welcome to country

The welcome to country started with a video of members from the Wurundjeri Council performing an indigeonous dance. Council member Stacie Piper then spoke about her experiences of country. 

Tech Diversity Director Luli Adeyemo officially launched the Tech Diversity Academy

Tech Diversity Academy launched

Next, Tech Diversity Director Luli Adeyemo took to the stage and officially launched the Tech Diversity Academy

Keynote speaker — Ally Watson

The evening’s keynote speaker was Ally Watson (OAM), Founder and CEO of Code Like a Girl. Ally talked about being the only girl in her university IT class in Scotland, about being told during job interviews ‘You’d be our first female hire’ and about her move to Australia. 

After she relocated to Australia she decided she wanted to meet other women in tech and decided to host an event. She was expecting about 10 people, but 100 women turned up. And that was the start of Code Like a Girl.  

It was a fascinating keynote that showed how far we’ve come, but also how far we’ve still got to go. 

Ally Watson Founder & CEO of Code Like a Girl at Tech Diversity Award 2022 as keynote speaker

The award winners

We’d like to congratulate the 2022 award winners. All the winners, merit recipients and nominees show us diversity in tech in action. Through the winners, diversity in all its forms is celebrated, including gender diversity, neurodiversity, racial diversity and people with disability. 

The winners are:

Diversity Atlas results

Before the last set of awards, we also heard about the results from the event’s diversity survey, conducted by Diversity Atlas. With over 200 respondents, the results covered stats such as age, gender, generation by gender, LGBTIQ identification, disabilities, and languages spoken at an advanced level. There were lots of interesting stats, such as the generation by gender (71.4% of the Gen Z attendees were women, whereas 52.6% of the Boomers were women). We also had two Jedis in the audience!  

Tech diversity pledge

Attendees were also encouraged to take the tech diversity and inclusion pledge, to help promote diversity and inclusion and to make it all happen faster. 

Salsa’s take

It was a wonderful evening for us all…a great time to catch up with other Salsarians and enjoy wonderful food, but more importantly it was an honour to be celebrating tech diversity. And yes, I was the only woman on the Salsa table, but only because two other female Salsarians got sick at the last moment!  

Photo of Alan, Steven, Phillipa, Ming and Sonny at Tech Diversity Awards 2022 taken by Con
Salsarians from left to right: Alan, Steven, Phillipa, Ming and Sonny (photo taken by Con).