25 June 2021
Phillipa Martin

Guides to create best-practice digital assets

The Vic Gov has created a central reference point for digital best practice and mandatory standards through its comprehensive suite of digital guides. All digital practitioners in the Victorian Public Service (VPS) must refer to these guides when creating external digital assets (e.g. websites, social media and mobile apps) and internal assets (e.g. intranets).

Design principles for best practice

The guides are based on 12 design principles. These principles ensure Vic Gov digital assets are:

  • Easy to use and encourage digital use as the first option

  • Simple to navigate to find services and information

  • Available 24/7

  • Useful in providing solutions

  • Work consistently across common functions

  • Integrated across different agencies

  • Mobile and tablet friendly

  • Can be completed digitally without any manual outside tasks

  • Clearly understood using simple and active language

  • Deliver quick and efficient services

  • Provide a record of historical interactions where appropriate

  • Can reference information from previous interactions with government

How the digital guides work

The digital guides are designed to be used individually or may be applied in combination for more complex tasks.

Examples of commonly referenced guides include:

Each digital guide specifies the standards that must be met by outlining mandatory requirements, and references other related guides.

Other design requirements

In addition to following best-practice design principles, websites and other digital communications must adhere to Brand Victoria guidelines and logos and the correct use of fonts.

These guidelines contain specific instructions on the application of logos, which may include:

  • The primary Victoria logo

  • Victoria Australia logo

  • Melbourne Australia logo

  • Melbourne Victoria Australia logo

There is a process around the creation of new logos, which require formal approval.  

Salsa Digital’s take

Salsa understands that building websites that follow best-practice principles is crucial to creating better connections, trust, exchange of information and delivery of services from government to citizens.

The Vic Gov’s comprehensive suite of digital guides, in combination with Brand Victoria, ensures a consistent approach by VPS and third-party specialists like us, in helping the Vic Gov deliver its digital strategy and transformation.