15 November 2020
Salsa Digital

Salsarian since August 2020

We’d like to welcome Najmeh Samadiani to the Salsa team. Najmeh joins Salsa as a part-time support agent. In her role, she’ll be working with Drupal support clients, who use support hours for general website maintenance and website improvements. Najmeh communicates with the clients and Salsa’s development team to action all requests. 

Najmeh also lets our support clients know when security patches are coming out and manages the process of applying the patch once it’s been released.  

About Najmeh

Najmeh is currently in Australia studying for her PhD in computer science. For her doctorate, she’s researching artificial intelligence and machine learning for real-world applications. She studies human emotional intelligence and explores novel methods for recognising human emotions useful in human-computer interactions (HCI). 

She has a wealth of IT knowledge behind her, having worked as a lecturer at Kosar University in Iran before moving to Australia. At Kosar University she also worked on projects, including developing an online platform for the university. While studying for her Masters at Shahrood University, Najmeh worked on two software development projects (a linguistics analytics system and a news website).  

Why Salsa?

Najmeh applied for a developer role at Salsa via an online job advertisement because the role was a good fit for her background. She met Alfred and Paul and was keen to work at Salsa. The feeling was mutual and Salsa was happy to work around her availability (which is limited with her PhD study) so she started her work as a support agent as the workload was manageable.

“It’s a wonderful team. Everyone’s very friendly and very helpful, which makes me more passionate to be here,” Najmeh said. “ I always feel so comfortable with everyone. Salsa is a bright, great place for growth and being here makes you progress every moment!” 

Najmeh lives in Melbourne’s east with her husband. Welcome Najmeh! View Najmeh’s profile