15 July 2016
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About GovCMS

GovCMS is Australia's whole-of government website management platform built on the open source content management system (CMS) Drupal. It was designed to make it easier for agencies to create modern, affordable, responsive websites. The Department of Finance is the GovCMS champion, maintaining the GovCMS platform. On 18 July 2018 Salsa Digital won the contract to build the new GovCMS platformin partnership with

GovCMS solves many challenges and brings several benefits and advantages to ultimately: allow government agencies to focus on delivering great online services and thus provide a better digital experience for all Australian citizens.

GovCMS is built by the Australian government, for Australian government agencies, with the digital service standards in mind. It delivers all the benefits of open source and a whole-of-government digital platform.

Salsa provides the program, application, and support services for the second-generation GovCMS, built in Drupal. We also build many GovCMS sites for a range of government agencies. 

Why GovCMS?

In the beginning, government agencies were hampered by limited resources and skills, making it difficult for them to establish a strong web presence, and fulfil their compliance obligations such as security accreditation, accessibility requirements, privacy and web standards.

GovCMS solves all these problems while at the same time saving time and money in a scalable manner. With a shared application code base and platform, implementation and hosting costs are greatly reduced. A centrally managed system also means that time spent on requirement specifications, procurement and staff training is lowered.

All this is done while enjoying enterprise-grade maintenance and support, including 24/7 extensive monitoring and management that takes care of regular database and file backups, audit logs and so on.

Features, highlights and benefits

  • Save money: significant reduction in implementation and hosting costs with a shared application code base and platform.
  • Save time: on requirement specifications, procurement and staff training.
  • Enterprise-grade maintenance and support: 24x7x365 extensive monitoring and management (including regular database and file backups and audit logs) with unlimited support.
  • Security: world-class security and compliance, distributed denial of service protection, ongoing security patching and updates.
  • Scalability and performance: AWS autoscale capability to dynamically increase or reduce capacity to meet demand.
  • Compliance: designed for Australian government agencies, standardises accessibility design, security and information, content and record management.

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