4 May 2019
Salsa Digital

Open design

Open design takes the concept of open source technology and open data (both well-known movements) and applies it to digital design artefacts. It delivers many benefits and Salsa sees its huge potential for the open government movement.

Why open design?

There are many natural benefits from creating, co-creating and sharing design elements. These include:

  1. Save time, save money
  2. Improve shared designs to create better, more citizen-centric designs
  3. Give back to the government design community
  4. Connect communities, experts and promote collaboration
  5. Lower the barrier to innovation

Open design and open government

Open source content management systems (open CMS)open dataopen platform and open design can help governments deliver on their open government targets. In fact, we consider these areas to be Salsa Digital’s four pillars for the delivery of open government. Our enthusiasm for open government (and its four pillars) comes down to one thing: lowering the barriers for government and public servants so they can focus on delivering services.

We see open design as a key future driver of the open government movement. For full details of Salsa’s open design vision, read our detailed blog on OpenDesign2020: A vision

Library resources

Shared designs could include resources such as:

  1. Citizen research and testing
  2. Personas
  3. Information architecture (IA)
  4. Journey maps
  5. Service blueprints
  6. Wireframes (low fidelity)
  7. Designs (high fidelity)
  8. UI design components
  9. Digital style guides
  10. Functional prototypes

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