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Digital Transformation in Government Insight #70:
MyVictoria Launch

New data-driven Victorian website, MyVictoria, allows Victorians to see a range of local information — from a suburb’s population to planned government projects in the area.

Salsa Digital 13 November 2018


Last month, the Special Minister of State, Gavin Jennings, launched a new website, MyVictoria. MyVictoria brings together over 50 datasets into one website. The aim is to deliver a range of information to Victorians in one location (the MyVictoria website) in a visual, easy-to-digest format.

The site features a clean, visually appealing design that’s easy to navigate. Users can submit their postcode on the homepage to automatically view relevant information for their area.

Information is displayed visually, through maps and graphs, as well as text.

Users can also browse data by the following categories:

  • Demographics (such as population, housing prices, income, method of travel to work)

  • Business by industry

  • Building activity

  • Planned government projects

  • Transport

  • Services and facilities (such as schools, hospital, green spaces and public Wi-Fi)

MyVictoria for SMEs

Small to medium businesses will be able to access market research quickly and easily through the site. For example, they may be looking at setting up a childcare business in a particular area. They could use MyVictoria to check the number of households that are families in the area as well as income ranges.

The future

The government is interested in growing the datasets on the site so they can offer more information to citizens and businesses. Free APIs also means businesses and innovators will be able to use the open data on MyVictoria to build data-driven products/apps that will hopefully benefit citizens.

Salsa Digital’s take

This is a great initiative by the Victorian Government and we’re looking forward to watching MyVictoria grow over the years. And, of course, bring the benefits of open data to Victorians.

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