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Acquia Drupal makes Gartner Magic "Leadership" Quadrant

Acquia Drupal has been making waves of late.  

Can You Feel the Momentum?

Alfred D 17 November 2014

Drupal’s open source software, when combined with the Acquia platform, provides a deadly combination of ease of execution and one of the most complete systems on the market.

At least, that’s what Gartner has declared with the publication of its Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

For those not in the know, Gartner is only one of the most lauded research and advisory firms in the tech universe.

Their famous Magic Quadrant research methodology pits tech firms against their competitors on a graph with one axis that indicates their ability to execute and another that indicates their completeness of vision.

Based on where they fall on the graph, firms are identified as challengers, niche players, visionaries and leaders. The top right quadrant, designated for leaders, is where most firms hope to eventually end up.

Gartner recently released a Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management providers, and guess what? Acquia is right up there in the coveted top right quadrant reserved for industry leaders.

It seems the Australian government made the right choice in deciding to migrate all its websites to its customised GovCMS on the Acquia Drupal platform.

In fact, Acquia has been credited with strengthening Drupal’s reach with its products and services. Drupal has always had an exceptionally strong community, and Acquia has taken advantage of this to send product development through the roof.

Drupal has long been recognised as one of the most customisable CMSes available to developers, and Acquia has worked hard to make it even more powerful and easier to use.

Together, Acquia and Drupal make a formidable team.

Here at Salsa Digital, we’re excited that Acquia Drupal has taken off in such a big way. We’ve been an Acquia partner for some time now, and were one of the first companies in Australia to get Acquia-certified. Our team of Drupal developers has had a field day developing websites on the Acquia Drupal platform for all sorts of organisations, including the Department of Human Services.

It looks like the only way is up for Acquia Drupal, and we’re going to be on the edge of our seats for some time to come.

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