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Creating the New Salsa Brand

Salsa Digital have a new look, and we're pretty proud of it.

Here's how we used our design and strategy smarts to create our new brand.

Adam D 30 October 2014

Refreshing the Salsa brand has been a dynamic, exciting process. It all began when we recognised that it was time to rethink our brand, let the old 'tomato' go, and reflect who we are at this moment in time: a mature, professional technology company with a little style.

Our Creative Director and brand specialist Eric led the process, first looking at who we are, what are our core differentiating strengths, what is our DNA.  He then went digging into our business goals. What kind of company do we want to be? What kind of clients do we want to have? And, underpinning those questions: what are the core pillars of our offering?

Out of this process came our three areas of expertise: strategy, design and engineering. With these strengths we’re able to offer the best out of web and application development, so we represented these in the logo - deconstructing the tomato and reinventing it to comprise of three overlapping rings:

Each ring represents an area of expertise, combining to represent Salsa Digital's full service capability.

All that was left then was to pay homage to the old tomato, and to Salsa red. The finished product echos our Salsa heritage but also evokes new symbols - of a wax seal, of cogs and gears spinning together (hover over the logo on the website for an animated version!).

But how did we decide to THRIVE?

The brand promise was more difficult to create than even the logo, as it created the greatest debate amongst the team. After all our work on cementing that we’re a strategy, design and engineering agency, we leaned towards a brand promise along the lines of “we put it together” - not only representing the full service offering of all three core areas, but focusing on the very definition of engineering - “putting things together”.

Great, right? It didn’t quite sit right, though - we realised after mulling on it for a while, it was too introspective, it focused on Salsa, it was all about us and what we do.

So, we asked asked the question again. What do we do? A client doesn't come to us to design and build a website or an app. They come to us to build that 'something' to help them reach more customers, or improve processes, and to ultimately help them grow their business. That was when we grasped that we are here to help them THRIVE.

The beauty is that THRIVE isn’t entirely about our clients, - it’s also about our team, and Salsa’s culture of focusing on people in an environment where our engineers, designers and strategists can grow and produce great work - where they too can THRIVE.

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