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Digital Transformation in Government

Welcome to our blog series on digital transformation in government (DTIG).

18 March 2020

Since February 2016 we’ve been blogging every fortnight, bringing you both more in-depth pieces and shorter blogs on all areas of DTIG. Our aim is to produce a must-read resource, somewhere you can come to find out how specific projects have changed the way government works and/or the way it interacts with citizens.

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Below is a list of our blogs in the series.

  • Issue 109 – Office of the National Data Commissioner’s Foundational Four for data

    21 July 2020

    The DTA’s whole-of-government architecture strategy focuses on delivering better services to citizens and reducing costs. The new taskforce recently released its beta architectural concepts model, which looks at architectural components.

  • Issue 108 – Office of the National Data Commissioner’s Foundational Four for data

    07 July 2020

    The Foundational Four of leadership, strategy, governance and asset discovery will help ensure all Australian government agencies are set up to make the most of open data.

  • Issue 107 – Government and vehicle-generated data

    23 June 2020

    The National Transport Commission (NTC) recently released a paper on government access to vehicle-generated data. The report looks at how the data could be used for planning, road safety, network operations and other applications.

  • Issue 106 – Tracking wild animals from space

    09 June 2020

    Wild herds damaging Australia’s Top End will now be tracked via satellite to help protect the environment and culturally significant sites, while also providing economic opportunities to Indigenous communities.

  • Issue 105 – AI and open data for real-time COVID risk assessment

    25 May 2020

    α-satellite is a website and app that will help people make informed decisions in terms of the COVID risk at specific locations. It uses AI and open data to calculate a risk index, and also gives users relevant information such as population density and real-time traffic.

  • Issue 104 – Open science – using the open source model

    12 May 2020

    Open science can help governments around the world tackle a host of scientific and medical problems – Covid19 is just one of them.

  • Issue 103 – Australia’s API design standard

    28 April 2020

    Australia’s National API Design Standards provide a standardised framework to make it easier for APIs to connect websites, databases and other software across governments. This will help deliver service unification.

  • Issue 102 – Singapore’s open source contact tracing for COVID-19

    07 April 2020

    Singapore’s TraceTogether uses BlueTooth to enable easier and more accurate contact tracing as part of Singapore’s fight against COVID-19.

  • Issue 101 – Civic tech and COVID-19

    24 March 2020

    With many civic tech initiatives coming out of the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s comforting to know while people are staying apart, they're also coming together.

  • Issue 100 – Open data — 2016 to 2020

    10 March 2020

    To celebrate our 100th blog in this series, we wanted to look at an issue from the past and see how it’s progressed. We chose something close to our heart — open data. The Productivity Commission released its draft report on data just over two years ago. So what’s changed since then?

  • Issue 99 – AI reviews state laws in the US

    25 February 2020

    Ohio is using artificial intelligence (AI) to review the roughly 240,000 state laws and regulations amassed over the past 200 years. The end goal is to significantly streamline its regulations, with proposed changes expected before June.

  • Issue 98 – Social media and AI for early disease identification

    11 February 2020

    A new Data61 tool provides early disease detection using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse keywords in Tweets. The tool will help improve management and healthcare responses. Similar tools are being used around the world to monitor the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Issue 97 – New app helps QLD farmers protect The Great Barrier Reef

    28 January 2020

    A new CSIRO app helps sugarcane growers see the effects of nitrogen runoff from their farms into Queensland’s waterways. Nitrogen runoff poses a serious threat to The Great Barrier Reef.

  • Issue 96 – The best of 2019

    24 December 2019

    It’s been another great year for digital transformation in government. For our final DTIG blog this year, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite examples of DTIG in action this year.

  • Issue 95 – Digital Earth Australia

    10 December 2019

    Digital Earth Australia brings together satellite imagery, cloud computing, open source and open data to create a platform where analysis-ready earth images and data are available for re-use by anyone.

  • Issue 94 - Emerging tech and government in the US

    12 November 2019

    Emerging tech was one of many discussion points at this year’s National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) conference in the US, with CIOs citing AI as the most significant emerging tech.

  • Issue 93 - Australia's elite in digital government

    29 October 2019

    Two Aussies made the cut in apolicitical’s World’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government for 2019. In this issue of Digital Transformation in Government we’ll be celebrating the contributions of Pia Andrews and Randall Brugeaud to digital government in Australia.

  • Issue 92 – Australian Government Digital Awards

    15 October 2019

    On 3 October digital transformation in government was celebrated at the 2019 Australian Government Digital Awards. Congratulations to all the winners, including the two websites built using the whole-of-government digital platform, GovCMS.

  • Issue 91 – AI catching drivers on phone

    01 October 2019

    Digital transformation in government, and specifically artificial intelligence, is making NSW’s roads safer and saving lives by detecting drivers using their phones while driving.

  • Issue 90 – State of the Data and Digital Nation report

    17 September 2019

    The Australian Digital Council’s State of the Data and Digital Nation provides a summary of data and digital transformation policies, products, services and other initiatives around Australia, covering both federal and state/territory programs.

  • Issue 89 – Digital twins — delivering government and citizen benefits

    03 September 2019

    Digital twins provide an exact replica of an object, process or system and they’re currently being used by the public sector in Australia and around the world to deliver benefits to government and citizens.

  • Issue 88 – Australia takes top score in Digital Quality of Life Index

    20 August 2019

    A recent study of 65 countries has ranked Australia number one for digital quality of life and seventh for e-government availability.

  • Issue 87 – MetroLab Network

    06 August 2019

    The MetroLab Network is a US-based network of cities, counties and universities focused on how data and technology can transform cities. One of its initiatives is Innovation of the Month, which highlights an innovative project. Two recent projects are using real-time data to reduce traffic fatalities and how data analysis can improve emergency response.

  • Issue 86 – IoT helps fight bushfires, floods and drought

    23 July 2019

    Victoria’s LaTrobe Valley has a new, real-time Internet of Things (IoT) system that monitors bushfire ignition, flood levels, rain, windspeed and air quality to deliver a range of benefits. This award-winning IoT project is a great case study for digital transformation in government.

  • Issue 85 – What will 2030 look like for the APS?

    09 July 2019

    The Scenarios for 2030 report predicts what 2030 could look like, presenting four scenarios of the future. It’s based on significant research around megatrends and delivers eight recommendations for how the Australian Public Service can prepare for all four possible scenarios.

  • Issue 84 – Community-driven 'trashbot'

    25 June 2019

    Chicago’s new trashbot will clean up the city’s river, and is a great example of both digital transformation and civic technology. Plus, the design and learnings are open-sourced!

  • Issue 83 – Victorian Government APIs

    11 June 2019

    The Victorian Government recently launched its API portal for developers, following on from the release of Victorian Government API standards last year. These two API developments are important milestones for open data and open government, and APIs in general hold significant power for digital transformation in government.

  • Issue 82 – Controlling traffic flow with cloud and edge computing

    28 May 2019

    Traffic management is an area of digital transformation in government that can deliver many benefits to citizens. In the case study below, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are all benefiting from the use of transformative technology.

  • Issue 81 – Embracing Innovation in Government — OECD report

    14 May 2019

    The OECD report Embracing Innovation in Government contains key information around digital transformation in government for all public sector employees. The report identifies three trends — making the invisible visible, opening doors and a machine-readable world.

  • Issue 80 – Tech reduces high speed police chases

    30 April 2019

    Tech that helps prevent dangerous car chases is a great example of digital transformation in government (in this case law enforcement) changing and saving lives.

  • Issue 79 – New platform -

    16 April 2019

    The DTA has released a Beta version of Notify, an open source, whole-of-government digital platform that allows agencies to send emails and text messages. Agencies can try the service for free until 30 June 2019.

  • Issue 78 – The APS review — what it means for digital transformation

    2 April 2019

    The independent review of the APS recently released its Priorities for Change report. It highlights four priorities that will help the Australian public sector (APS) be ‘fit-for-purpose’ in the future, including many digital transformation strategies.

  • Issue 77 – Are blockchain-powered payments in our future?

    19 March 2019

    Blockchain is still in the news and on the agenda for government. A recent Data61 pilot project for NDIS payments was successful, and has longer-term implications for Australia.

  • Issue 76 – Smart cities in Australia

    05 March 2019

    A recent smart cities report shows the current status of smart city rollout across Australia. It also looks at current and future projects, obstacles, open data and elements beyond technology that will enable smart cities, including collaboration. Smart cities are an important part of digital transformation in government..

  • Issue 75 – Anti-doping app integrated with GovCMS

    19 February 2019

    Last year the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) developed a new app to help prevent inadvertent doping for Australian athletes. The app allows athletes to look up supplements and check for banned substances, as well as providing other tools such as a way for ASADA to send targeted communications to athletes.

  • Issue 74 – Singapore – Building innovation within the public sector

    05 February 2019

    Singapore is a digital leader, with some far-reaching digital initiatives. At the core of its program is an innovation culture, with some practices that could be adopted by other governments.

  • Issue 73 – The Australian Digital Council

    22 January 2019

    The Australian Digital Council (ADC) is a late-2018 initiative that brings together federal and state governments to align and progress public data and digital transformation in Australia. They met twice last year (September and December) and have already set up some cross-jurisdictional pilot projects.

  • Issue 72 - The best of 2018

    11 December 2018

    It’s been another great year for digital transformation in government. For our final DTIG blog this year, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite examples of DTIG in action this year.

  • Issue 71 - DTA roadmap

    27 November 2018

    The DTA’s roadmap covers a range of specific deliverables to meet the strategic goals for 2025. Read some of the key highlights of the roadmap and how they fit into the three strategic priority areas.

  • Issue 70 - MyVictoria launch

    13 November 2018

    New data-driven Victorian website, MyVictoria, allows Victorians to see a range of local information — from a suburb’s population to planned government projects in the area.

  • Issue 69 - Data and technology transforming roads

    30 October 2018

    There are lots of ways in which digital transformation is changing our roads. Today we look at two case studies — one that focuses on road maintenance for a local council in Australia and one that improves road safety in the US.

  • Issue 68 - Using data for cleaner cities

    16 October 2018

    Google’s new Environmental Insights Explorer has the power to help cities and governments explore their greenhouse gas emissions and curb climate change.

  • Issue 67 - A quick look at the GDPR

    2 October 2018

    In May this year the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. These new regulations bring stricter personal data regulations into play for organisations who have an operation in the EU or deal with EU residents’ personal data.

  • Issue 66 - Most influential people in digital government

    18 September 2018

    Apolotical recently released its top 100 influential people in digital government across the world.

  • Issue 65 - The Australian Government Design System

    04 September 2018

    In April the DTA released the Australian Government Design System to help Australian government agencies deliver citizen-centric websites quickly and easily.

  • Issue 64 - Singapore's Digital Blueprint

    21 August 2018

    Singapore recently launched its Digital Blueprint, which focuses on six key strategies to deliver a better digital experience to citizens and businesses.

  • Issue 63 - Adelaide’s IoT smart water network

    6 August 2018

    SA Water’s smart water network is delivering big benefits...and it was named the Best IoT Project of the Year.

  • Issue 62 - New generation GovCMS

    24 July 2018

    On Thursday the Department of Finance announced the winning contractor for the GovCMS platform and shared technical details of the next generation GovCMS. With the future GovCMS platform soon to be entirely open source, it’s an exciting milestone for the open source movement.

  • Issue 61 - Bushfire monitoring moves to the cloud

    10 July 2018

    A move to the cloud for Geoscience Australia’s Sentinel Hotspots, a bushfire mapping service, sees it up for a Public Innovation Award this year.

  • Issue 60 - Biking apps helping out government

    26 June 2018

    Data from biking apps is helping transport planning departments around the world make infrastructure and policy decisions.

  • Issue 59 - DTA's Secure Cloud Strategy

    12 June 2018

    Earlier this year the DTA released the Secure Cloud Strategy, which aims to help government agencies make the most out of cloud services.

  • Issue 58 - Unauthenticated data personalisation

    29 May 18

    Unauthenticated data personalisation (using data gathered from unknown users to personalise content) represents a great opportunity for the Australian public sector.

  • Issue 57 - The GovCX Awards

    15 May 2018

    The GovCX Awards are the first global awards that recognise great digital experiences for citizens. Congratulations to the winner, Denver’s pocketgov, and to the two finalists - Victoria’s Department of Premier and Cabinet and Portugal’s Administrative Modernisation Agency.

  • Issue 56 - Ask

    1 May 2018

    Last year the state of Georgia in the US launched Ask The voice user interface uses Amazon’s Alexa to connect with the state government’s website through voice commands.

  • Issue 55 - Digital transformation goes rural

    17 Apr 2018

    Southern Grampians Shire Council is trialling and investigating many digital transformation projects as part of its ‘Digital Transformation of a Rural Community’ strategy – from moisture sensors for gardens and ovals to water-quality sensors in local swimming pools.

  • Issue 54 - IoT in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden

    3 Apr 2018

    Last month, Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden and Domain launched their new Internet of Things (IoT) smart poles, and the Garden launched a new app.

  • Issue 53 - Growth mindset and digital transformation

    20 Mar 18

    We came across an article recently on growth mindset and digital transformation and decided the concept was worth exploring...could a growth mindset help your agency?

  • Issue 52 - Digital identity — first component released

    06 Mar 18

    The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) recently released the first component of Australia’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF).

  • Issue 51 - Chatbots and the public sector

    20 Feb 18

    Chatbots (also known by a host of other names) are saving companies and governments big what are they and could they help you?

  • Issue 50 - Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation

    6 Feb 18

    Late last year Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) released its strategic plan for the Australian innovation, science and research system.

  • Issue 49 - Transformation for family violence intervention

    23 Jan 18

    Digital transformation is alive and well in court services…the Neighbourhood Justice Centre’s online Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO) is a great example.

  • Issue 48 - A year of digital transformation in government (DTIG)

    12 Dec 17

    For our final DTIG blog of 2017, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite blogs in the series this year.

  • Issue 47 - BlueConnect — digital transformation for Victoria Police

    28 Nov 17

    Victoria Police is in the process of major technology changes as part of its BlueConnect initiative.

  • Issue 46 - Bringing government and industry together

    14 Nov 17

    New York City’s new NYCx program brings together government, technology experts and local communities to use technology to solve some of the city’s problems.

  • Issue 45 - Australia's digital identity

    31 Oct 17

    It's been some time in the making, but digital identity is on its way. GovPass is currently in beta and expected to be rolled out next year.

  • Issue 44 - Artificial intelligence in government

    17 Oct 17

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been coming out of science fiction and into the real world for some time now. In fact, many forms of AI are active in our society. But how can/does government use and benefit from AI?

  • Issue 43 - Driverless cars in Australia?

    3 Oct 17

    A recent federal inquiry into driverless cars has put forward a host of recommendations so Australia can make the most of the many benefits of this innovative technology. Automated vehicles also have many repercussions for government — at all levels.

  • Issue 42 - Drones at work in Australia

    19 Sep 17

    Drones are being used across a variety of industries and have some excellent government applications, including emergency services and monitoring parks, wildlife and buildings.

  • Issue 41 - The digital pioneers

    5 Sep 17

    It seems in most things digital transformation Estonia keeps popping up. So what exactly is Estonia’s digital ‘system’ and how transformative is it?

  • Issue 40 - Smart parking in Hobart

    22 Aug 17

    Hobart street parking is set to go smart, with a new parking system that includes parking sensors.

  • Issue 39 - Public Sector Innovation Awards

    8 Aug 17

    Congratulations to the winners of the Public Sector Innovation Awards, especially the projects focused on digital transformation from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of Finance.

  • Issue 38 - The 311 portal in the US

    25 Jul 17

    North America’s 311 system started off as a telephone hotline but is now being transformed into a digital portal.

  • Issue 37 - Rubbish goes underground

    11 Jul 17

    Maroochydore’s new city centre in the Sunshine Coast is going high-tech with an underground waste system.

  • Issue 36 - Digital drivers’ licences

    27 Jun 17

    Four US jurisdictions are piloting digital drivers’ licences and Australia is also on the road to digital transformation in licences.

  • Issue 35 - Government standouts at the IoT Awards

    13 Jun 17

    Australia’s IoT Hub announced the winners of the inaugural Australian IoT Awards. We thought we’d take a look at the government finalists and the winner.

  • Issue 34 - Innovation in WA’s Department of Transport

    30 May 17

    WA’s Department of Transport (DoT) has undergone several recent changes that have delivered tangible benefits to WA citizens.

  • Issue 33 - The Blockchain Revolution

    16 May 17

    Blockchain technology was originally invented to create digital cash — BitCoin. Nowadays much broader applications are being investigated, including a myriad of government applications.

  • Issue 32 - Digital Transformation in Health

    01 May 17

    While ‘e-health’ can encompass many things, centralised healthcare records is a key component at the government level. Where is Australia at with centralised healthcare records, what are the pros and cons, and what’s the rest of the world doing?

  • Issue 31 - Australia’s National Map - Open Data In Action

    11 Apr 17

    The National Map plots a huge variety of data across a map of Australia—from native vegetation and caves to bridges, road crashes and local Council boundaries.

  • Issue 30 - E-voting in Australia?

    28 Mar17

    E-voting typically refers to both electronic voting at the polls and online voting. While some countries already use e-voting, there are many pros and cons to electronic voting, especially online voting.

  • Issue 29 - Stats on the go with the ABS

    14 Mar 17

    Government apps are a great example of digital transformation in government...check out these two from the ABS.

  • Issue 28 - The UK’s digital strategy to 2020

    28 Feb 17

    The UK’s new Government Transformation Strategy charts the transformation strategy up to 2020…and beyond.

  • Issue 27 - WA’s GovNext-ICT

    14 Feb 17

    WA’s GovNext-ICT was recently in the news when the WA Government signed three new contracts expected to deliver cost savings of $65 to $80 million annually.

  • Issue 26 - BOM delivers free app

    31 Jan 17

    In October last year the Bureau of Meteorology launched BOM, delivering a weather app directly from the source. What’s more, the app was developed using the DTA’s Digital Service Standard.

  • Issue 25 - Global innovators since the 1990s

    16 Jan 17

    Did you know wireless local area network (the technology WiFi uses) was invented in Australia? Through this CSIRO invention, the Australian Government delivered digital transformation that changed the world. Our first instance of digital transformation in government (DTIG)?

  • Issue 24 - A year of digital transformation in government (DTIG)

    19 Dec 16

    For our final DTIG blog of 2016, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite blogs in the series this year.

  • Issue 23 - Smart cities…coming to a town near you?

    05 Dec 16

    Smart cities use technology to create a better citizen experience. Many cities are on the road to becoming ‘smart’ — including quite a few Aussie cities.

  • Issue 22 - The power of open data

    21 Nov 16

    A recent draft report on data makes recommendations that will revolutionise the way Australia uses data.

  • Issue 21 - Adelaide first Aussie GigCity

    07 Nov 16

    Adelaide has joined the US Smart Gigabit Communities Program and will offer innovation hubs with ultrafast internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (100x the national average).

  • Issue 20 - The Internet of Things

    24 Oct 16

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge economic potential here in Australia and can deliver real benefits to citizens.

  • Issue 19 - data for transformation

    10 Oct 16

    Started in 2010, Apps4NSW is an open data initiative with one goal: to create innovative apps for NSW citizens.

  • Issue 18 - iAwards for Government

    27 Sep 16

    Earlier this month the iAwards were held in Melbourne, with several government winners taking home awards. These projects are great examples of digital transformation in government.

  • Issue 17 - Digital innovation in public transport fares

    12 Sep 16

    The future of public transport smartcards in Australia is uncertain with newer technology indicating a different future may be on the horizon.

  • Issue 16 - Census: DDoS attack unlikely

    29 Aug 16

    Despite the government’s claim that the 2016 Census website was pulled down in response to several distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, Salsa Digital believes the problems lie elsewhere.

  • Issue 15 - GovHack 2016

    15 Aug 16

    GovHack 2016 is an annual event (competition) that uses open data. An innovative way to innovate, it lets people loose on government data to come up with solutions that will hopefully be good examples of digital transformation.

  • Issue 14 - Big Data Analytics

    01 Aug 16

    Big data analytics is a growing area that can save your agency time and money, while also helping provide more targeted services to your citizens.

  • Issue 13 - Citizen-centric approaches in government

    18 Jul 16

    “Citizen-centric” is a term that’s being used a lot by government departments around the world. What exactly does citizen-centric mean and how does it look in the digital space?

  • Issue 12 - Australia’s Digital Marketplace

    04 Jul 16

    The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) is in the process of setting up the Digital Marketplace, which will transform the way government (at all levels) procures IT services.

  • Issue 11 - Noosa selects cloud-based process-management software

    20 Jun 16

    Noosa Council has gone for the cloud and knowledge sharing, selecting ProMapp process-management software as part of its digital transformation strategy.

  • Issue 10 - Five tech enablers for digital transformation

    06 Jun 16

    In April Huawei, a worldwide information and communications technology (ICT) company, released its annual Global Connectivity Index, which analyses the ICT performance and progress of 50 countries.

  • Issue 9 - Digital innovation in Mackay

    23 May 16

    Mackay Council has taken home the Digital Innovation in Local Government category at the 2016 National Awards for Local Government for a project titled Transforming a Water Business.

  • Issue 8 - The future of digital identity

    09 May 16

    Australia is currently working towards a single digital identity solution that can be used for a range of online transactions within all levels of government.

  • Issue 7 - GOV.AU — the new kid on the block

    22 Apr 16

    Currently at Alpha stage (with a prototype available), GOV.AU will bring together content from hundreds of government websites. The Beta version is scheduled for later this year and will be integrated with govCMS.

  • Issue 6 - One-stop services ‘shop’ in NSW

    11 Apr 16

    The Service NSW website was launched in 1 July 2013 and now brings together over 800 ‘transactions’ for NSW residents and businesses.

  • Issue 5 - Transforming Medicare

    24 Mar 16

    Medicare’s Express Plus app is a great example of a digital transformation initiative that aims to change the way citizens interact with government…in this case Medicare.

  • Issue 4 - Tom Burton Talks Digital

    09 Mar 16

    Tom Burton’s discussion of digital transformation during his keynote address at DrupalGov 2016 was frank and enlightening.

  • Issue 3 - govCMS - Building Community and Capability

    24 Feb 16

    On 8 February Salsa attended and presented at DrupalGov Canberra 2016. One of the highlights was Sharyn Clarkson’s update on govCMS…and an announcement.

  • Issue 2 - Twitter Alerts — Helping to Keep Aussies Safe

    15 Feb 16

    In December 2013, Twitter launched Twitter Alerts in Australia. This service is a great example of digital transformation and how it can change the way government organisations (in this case emergency services) communicate critical information.

  • Issue 1 - What is Digital Transformation?

    01 Feb 16

    Digital transformation is a buzz phrase, but what does it actually mean? And how does digital transformation look in government?

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