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Salsa Champion 2019

Every year, Salsarians vote for a ‘champion’. This year the cup was taken out by our CTO, Stuart Rowlands.

Salsa Digital 20 December 2019

A Salsa tradition

Every year, Salsarians vote for the Salsa champion for that year. Each person can give one team member three points, one two points and one person one point. They can also leave a comment for each point allocation.

It’s always a lot of fun at the Christmas party, when the comments and points are read out, tallied and then the impressive cup is awarded!

Stuart takes home the cup!

This year, our new CTO Stuart Rowlands was the grand Salsa champion, with 22 points.

Although he could only metaphorically ‘take home the cup’ (because he was in New Zealand), he did join us via FaceTime for the good news and an impromptu speech.

Stuart virtually receiving the Salsa champion cup. (Photo by Salsarian Ivan Grynenko)

Some of his three-point comments included:

  • He is handsome and smart. Super hard worker and always happy to help.

  • Stu 'The Machine' Rowlands - Like the Terminator, he will not sleep, eat or stop until the job got done during the migration project! Come with me if you want a migration.

  • What can I say, the guy’s super smart, hard working, communicates well and makes some of the most challenging technical requirements look easy. It's great being involved in projects with him.

  • Carrying the weight of the world and successfully being able to move it to a better place.

  • He works a lot (maybe too much) but is always so incredibly supportive.

  • Stu was the person who sold me on the Salsa magic, open-source ethos, cool new technology being used and connected me with Alfred, Con and Paul. Best decision in 2019! Plus he is a tech guru who always finds time from his busy schedule to help out his fellow co-workers.

  • King of kings

The runners up

This year, the runners up were Jim (18 points), Paul (15 points) and Sonny (14 points).

Past winners

Recent Salsa champions include:

  • Juliane Erben — 2018

  • Antoine Osanz — 2017

  • Jim Tasevski — 2016

  • Kurt Foster — 2015

  • Adam DeGiorgio — 2014

Congratulations Stuart on this well-deserved win!

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