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Salsa’s Directors: Helping Australians recover from the scourge of addiction

Salsa Digital 14 September 2017

In a little change of pace, this post isn't our usual fare about the latest trends in government digital strategy or Drupal developments, instead we have a good news story about two of Salsa Digital's directors and a new challenge they have taken on. Both Adam and Phil, directors of Salsa Digital, have taken up a new endeavour to assist a not for profit charitable foundation in Bali, "Bali Beginnings", in the work they do in helping (primarily) Australians recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Bali Beginnings is a Drug Rehab centre based on the east side of Bali and works with people who’ve fallen victim to the disease of alcohol and drug addiction, to get clean, and stay clean. It primarily works with Australians who seek drug and alcohol treatment away from their day-to-day lives, and the temptations that these can present.

Both Adam's and Phil’s families have some history of members being affected by issues of addiction, and so it was a cause personal to each of them, for different reasons.

Phil moved to Bali in recent years and has been running Salsa Digital’s off-shore operation there, but he recently took up membership on the board of this charitable foundation and Adam has also been branching out from his work with Salsa Digital, and recently began working with the Bali Beginnings client liaison team speaking to Australian alcoholics and addicts seeking help.

The Bali Beginnings team supports people in recovery from illicit or prescription drugs, alcohol, and even addictions such as gambling.

Adam said, “Most of the addicts I've spoken to or met are regular people - neighbours, friends, cousins, children, brothers, educated and well dressed, intelligent and hard working. It’s been a total eye-opener to realise that this is not something affecting only certain parts of society, instead affecting a broad cross-section – people from all walks of life.”

We’re looking forward to seeing how Adam and Phil progress with this new challenge, and suffice to say the team at Salsa Digital is very proud to see its directors working hard on a cause with a huge potential social impact, and opportunity to help people live a healthy and happy life. Well done guys, and best of luck – if you need a Digital Strategy for your Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre, you know who to call!

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