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Salsa’s first Melbourne Meetup as organisers

On 18 November Salsa hosted our first Melbourne Drupal Meetup as the new organisers of the Melbourne group. The meetup was a combined Melbourne and Sydney event, with several speakers from DrupalSouth 2019 each giving a five-minute ‘teaser’ for their presentation.

Kristy DeV 20 November 2019

Our first Meetup

Salsa hosted our first Meetup as the new organisers of the Melbourne Drupal Meetup. It was great to see members of the Drupal community in the Salsa offices. It was also an exciting milestone for us, as we give back to the open source and Drupal community through hosting these events. On a personal note, it also marked my first official event in my new role in Developer Relations at Salsa.

Teaming up with Sydney

The event was initially organised by the Sydney Meetup group but we decided to join forces, with many guests (and speakers) joining remotely.

DrupalSouth presentation teasers

After beer and pizza (essential elements for a Meetup), we heard from several presenters who’ve been selected to speak at DrupalSouth in Hobart this year. Each gave us a five-minute introductory session as a teaser into next week’s event. It was a great way to get a feel for some of the sessions coming up at DrupalSouth, while also giving those who can’t go to DrupalSouth an idea of the content.

The intro teasers covered:

  • Training workshops

  • Content modelling

  • Case studies from projects that used Drupal to solve a specific problem

  • Personalisation

  • How to give back and contribute to the Drupal community

  • Project management

  • How to win and retain long-term clients

  • How to not get hacked

You can view the Zoom meeting recording if you’d like to see the whole session.

The feedback from attendees for the tandem and virtual meeting was positive — with many reporting that they liked being able to meet members from other cities and being able to join remotely and get a chance to learn from the community.

The Melbourne and Sydney Meetups plan to host more cross-city and remote Meetups in the future. We hope to extend the collaboration to Drupal Meetups across Australia, and hopefully New Zealand, too.

Sign up to your local Drupal Meetup group to get involved in the community:

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