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Salsa website stage 5a — IA user testing results

The results of our card sorting and IA tree jacking provide excellent insights, giving us a good idea of what our site visitors most want to see on our site and the paths they’d likely take to find specific information.

Phillipa M 3 December 2019

User testing results

The next stage, prototypes, needed to be done in the context of our user testing results.

Prior to our 4 December prototyping workshop, we set up a meeting to discuss the IA user testing results (see our blog on stage 5 - IA workshop) so this could be fed into our prototypes.

We first looked at the desirability sorting, where we asked our potential users to sort cards into ‘Must have’, ‘Nice to have’ and ‘Don’t need’. While we had a lot of potential content and features in the desirability sorting, the process was fast for users.

The results showed us the content/features that everyone (or most people) felt were essential.

As you can see, Contact, Salsa’s expertise and Salsa’s services were ranked as must have by all users (not surprising). The other highly ranked items were:

  • Info on training services

  • Salsa’s technical stack

  • Traditional web development services

  • About Salsa Digital

  • Case studies

  • Content services

  • Experience in security accreditation

  • Salsa’s clients

  • Salsa’s partners

  • Technical and project expertise of Salsa team

  • Whole-of-government digital programs

  • Digital transformation case studies

IA tree-jacking

The IA tree-jacking exercise showed us that some of our desired, high-level IA and menu items needed work. For example, we had:

  • Purpose

  • Who we are

  • What we do

  • Our work

  • Community

However, our users had some confusion around ‘What we do’ versus ‘Our work’; and did not make the connection between open source and our menu item called ‘Community’.

The screenshot below shows the pie tree of how users moved through our IA when asked the question: I want to find out about the government agencies Salsa has worked with. The green path through ‘Our work’ is the correct path but as you can see some users initially went to ‘What we do’.

Next steps

With the IA user testing results in, we could more comfortably move to the first stage of prototyping. We also revised our IA (top level menu items) to:

  • About

  • Purpose

  • Team

  • Services

  • Our work

  • Giveback

  • Contact us

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