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Goodbye Squiz Matrix, Hello Drupal

Choosing a Content Management System, or CMS, for your website is like choosing a spouse. Pick the wrong one and you’re going to have a tough time getting a word in edgewise.

Alfred D 9 October 2014

If you’ve used Squiz Matrix for any amount of time, you’re probably already aware of its flaws, especially as your business’s web presence grows.

These days, most of Australia’s companies have migrated to Drupal. Content editors are getting so used to seeing Drupal they give you the side eye if you’re using another CMS or worse, a static HTML site.

Guess who else uses Drupal? The Australian government.

It looks like big brother’s jumped on the Drupal bandwagon too. The Australian federal government recently entered into a four-year contract with Acquia, a company that specialises in providing Drupal services.

The project will have all agencies in the federal government migrating to the specially-customised CMS, GovCMS. Hopefully this means that many of these websites are going to lose their 1990s-style layouts and outdated write-ups.

John Sheridan seems optimistic about the move to GovCMS, citing as reasons for the move cost savings and enabling government agencies to manage their website as effortlessly as possible.

The and are the first websites being migrated to GovCMS, making civil servants all over the country heave a sigh of relief at no longer having to engage in shouting matches with IT. 

Acquia Drupal is great

Many businesses are taking a cue from the government, and hosting a website on the Acquia Cloud is becoming seen as the industry default.

Less experienced businesses that start out with a different CMS or static sites might do fine for a while, but many later find that as their businesses grow and their content management needs change, a more powerful system is required.

In recent years, Drupal has become easier and easier to use, without sacrificing any of its sophistication and customisability. The modules are particularly easy to administer and straightforward to understand, which makes it a lot easier on developers. 

Migrating to Drupal

Migrating to another CMS always causes a bit of anxiety. What if your entire website disappears or your SEO efforts get undone? The fact is, mistakes can happen, but true experts in performing the particular migration you need are much more unlikely to make mistakes

Salsa Digital are old hands at migrating from Squiz Matrix to Drupal. With a strong engineering background and the enterprise pedigree to deliver on government requirements, the team knows exactly what to do to help websites make a seamless transition. The team doesn’t just know how to work with Drupal, they specialise in it.

As a strong Acquia partner with a bunch of Acquia Certified developers on the team, Salsa Digital has access to the best tools and resources needed to make the move free of hiccups.

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